As 2018 winds down, it’s time to look ahead. For me, that has meant re-evaluating what I need and how to meet those needs. It’s meant deciding what I want out of 2019, and pondering how to best achieve that. I’ve been doing a lot of agonizing, as some of you saw on my recent Twitter thread. After a lot of mental gymnastics and fretting and freaking out; after talking things over with friends, colleagues, my agent and my husband, I’ve got some much needed clarity. I’ve come to a decision.

Midterm Victories

Midterm Victories

For those of you feeling discouraged, or lamenting that it didn't look like a Blue Wave, pause a moment. Breathe. We didn't win (or haven't yet concluded) the "sexy" races. O'Rourke/Cruz, Kemp/Abrams, DeSantis/Gillum... but so many good things happened last night. Look at these victories. Let this be confirmation that your work mattered, and your vote mattered. Your vote still matters. Change is happening. Keep up the amazing work, y'all.

An Open Letter to Dr. Ford

Dear Doctor Ford,

I'm sorry that you've put yourself through so much, and now it seems like he's going to get away again. I know it seems as if you did it all for nothing.

It was not nothing. 
What happened to you wasn't nothing, and what you bravely did was not nothing.

You have helped so many (of all genders) find their voices. You've shown strength, grace and true patriotism.

Thank you. 
Thank you for doing what others could not today by putting country above your own comfort.

I see you. 
I believe you.

With love, respect & empathy,