Help A Pajamazon, Get Stuff.

Gooooooooood morning, House Pajamazon! We've got a lot of news and views to cover so let's strap in like it's International Women's Day and get to the biz-nass!


First off.... MY FIRST CRACKED ARTICLE WENT LIVE TODAY!!! (I guess technically it's the second one that was accepted, but it is the first to run on the site. SO WOOT!!!) This was co-authored with Jacopo della Quercia and Mike Bedard. We're talking about totally harmless phrases that are actually pretty offensive. So head on over, read it and have a well-educated chuckle then share the fuck out of it. And don't forget to check out Jacopo and Mike. They're pretty righteous dudes. 


Amazon for Pajamazon

So Amazon is a silly beast. It has this thing of basing how much it promotes a product on how many reviews that product has. After a book, for example, gets 50 reviews, Amazon will do more to get eyes on that book. Well, before leaving that other publisher and self-publishing Wild Card, it had most of that 50. But all of those reviews went away when Former Publisher and I parted ways. And Amazon "helpfully" removed 2 legit reviews because it thought they were fake. (Stop helping, Amazon!) 

So here's what I want to do... I want to get both Cat Sharp books up to 50 reviews each. And I need your help. If you haven't already, please consider going to Amazon and leaving reviews for both Wild Card and Unveiled. And don't stop there. You know that friend of yours...the one you got hooked on my books like a delightful drug pusher? Yeah, poke them into doing it, too. And again, if you already left a review when Wild Card was first published with the red cover and stuff, those reviews all disappeared from Amazon. (They're still on Goodreads, though!)

As it stands now, Wild Card has 13 reviews, and Unveiled has 19. When Wild Card gets to 50, I will post the first 550 words of Uninvited to my Patreon for everyone in the world to see for free. If both of them get to 50, I will post the first 1160 words in the same fashion.  AND....If we can get both of them up to 50 BEFORE PHOENIX COMIC CON (June 2), I will post the first 1500 words for everyone to read and Patreon supporters will get the whole first chapter. 

What say you? Want a sneak peek at UNINVITED (which isn't coming out until mid-October)? *dangles it in front of you* Get thee to Amazon and leave reviews, my doves.

And while we're talking about Patreon and Phoenix Comic Con...

ZOMG IT'S ALMOST TIME FOR MY VERY MOST FAVORITE CON EVAR!!!! Ahem. So yeah, I'll be a guest at Phoenix Comic Con again this year. You can see my schedule of panels and such HERE. So, I've got a table down in the Exhibitor Hall. Since Mysterious Galaxy will be selling print copies of my work directly across the aisle from said table, and I won't have merch, what ever shall I do with that table space? I want to use it to hang out with you and connect with readers as much as I can. But just sitting there holding court? Not my thing. Soooooo....


So I've been coloring for relaxation/meditation for a while. Recently I started drawing my own mandalas. (I've been posting pics on my Instagram. Check it out.) I will have some cheap colored pencils and multiple coloring pages of my original mandalas. While supplies last, come down to table AA1706 and color with me. I'll be posting to my Twitter/Facebook and such to let people know when I'm going to be at my table (and it's a safe bet that I'll be down there immediately after my panels.) So follow me so we can meet up, hang out and get our coloring on. I'll also be signing books while I'm there. Maybe I'll bring something like Zombie Dice, too. Anyway, we can hang. We should. 

And if you're interested in seeing more artwork and such, I'll be posting more to my Patreon. As I get things scanned in, I can make it available Patreon supporters to enjoy. And...well, there's talk of a whole new publishing venture for your Pajamazon. But that's still in the works. 

Anyway, I've really been enjoying the explosion of art in my life. And as we head into the summer (which is notoriously a dry season for me in terms of writing), it will be nice to have something else I can do that is creative. And? I can do it WITH my daughter. Win all around. 

So yeah.... 

TL;dr? Read that Cracked article by me, Mike and Jacopo; leave reviews on the Cat Sharp books; and come color with me at Phoenix Comic Con. 


Love you all!