Pokemon Go Will Save The World

Before I get into the meat of this post, I'd like to thank everyone who reached out to me publicly and privately to offer their support to me and my family. This tragedy has rocked all of us, and we're reeling with so many emotions while trying to cope with the death of our loved one and the reality of his actions. His estranged wife has been through multiple surgeries and will make it through this. She and her daughter will be getting the help they need to move forward with life after something so horrible. His ex-wife is trying to figure out how to explain to their autistic son that his father is gone in a way he can grasp. It's falling out of the news cycle, but this is something all of us will be dealing with for a long time to come. Thank you again for your continued prayers and love. 

Now, that being said, it's been a terrible week in the life of the Pajamazon. I'm dealing with medical issues (that's a whole rant on its own.) My husband's family also experienced a sudden death in his family. Our friend group has had some difficult times. And then there's the "real" world. The outside world that continues to turn regardless of our personal tragedies. I have to admit that this week I've been in a pit of despair so deep an albino just came in with some man in black on a wheelbarrow.

Let's get real here, gang, the world looks like shit. Girl has runs in her stockings, her makeup's a hot mess and that hair is fried. Between the terrorist attacks around the world, Brexit, the American election, the tensions between police and citizens.... just what? What is there left? Celebrity gossip? I just don't think this Swift girl is good for my Thomas, and that's all I can stand. 

I mean, yesterday was low. 2016 is fucking brutal and yesterday I just couldn't. I couldn't handle all of it. The hate, the fear, the tragedy and terror. 

But I have realized that there is something that can save us all: Pokemon Go. 

Hear me out on this, folks. 

Dump Trump

So this week that assmunch had a 4 day long orgasm as his name and face were plastered on every eye and ear hole reachable. If it weren't for the RNC, though--or as Drumpf calls it, Sweeps Week--I don't think the Cheeto Bandito would have had a good week. Because before the RNC, the phenomenon of Pokemon Go had essentially erased him from social media streams. It's downloads topped apps like SnapChat and Tindr, and it was more popular than porn!

Now, with the convention over, I'm hopeful that Pokemon Go can once more drown him out. With people getting up off the couch, getting away from the computer and unplugging from the 24/7 media juggernaut, we have a chance of cutting Drumpf off from his power source: our attention and fear. 

Greater Good

But that's just window dressing, that's temporary. I think the real impact Pokemon Go will have on society is not yet clear, but there are some amazing things coming out of it. People are using the augmented reality game to get up and exercise, spend time with family and friends outside. More than that, players are also using their miles walked with the game for charity, walking dogs from animal shelters, dropping game lures on children's hospitals.  

There's something more important, happening here. I went out with my husband and daughter this weekend and I saw packs of people at the local park. Strangers talking with one another, children and parents interacting, all of them getting out into the world and away from the onslaught of media. In Arizona. In 110 degree heat! A few nights ago I went out again. After 10 pm in a public park, people were just having a good time. And there was something missing...


People weren't afraid to be out after dark. People weren't afraid of the other people around them. Right now the whole media industry and the political machines...everything is based on fear. Making you be afraid. Making you too terrified to go out, to live, to be. Making you distrust your fellow humans. 

This game is different. It's bringing people out of their homes and away from the voices that constantly tell us to be afraid. It's allowing us to have a way to connect superficially, to trust others. This is how bridges are built. This is a community. And as I said above, people are using it to do more, even if it's picking up litter around a park, or setting up a lemonade stand at a Pokestop. 

Sure, it's cartoon characters and little swipes on a phone, but it's so much more. This game is reminding us that in a world that tells us to fear each other, we needn't be paralyzed by fear. We are above that. We are greater than fear. 

There are also groups using the game to lure players to places where they can register to vote. In November, will we see Vaporeon show up at polling places? 

Whatever you might think about silly games, whatever memes say this is for kids.... people are finding happiness and light in climate that distorts things to look very dark. This game helps people see past the illusion via augmented reality. How cool is that? 

Oh, and as an aside, if you're watching the RNC and thinking, "Someone please stop this," that person is you. You don't have to do it alone, but you have a part to play. That part is to register to vote and get to the polls in November. Do that much. Take a friend. Play some Pokemon while you wait in line. 

Remember, what you see on television is illusion. It's distortion. The world is still a good place.