Editorial Announcement

Hear ye, hark, and put on your ears...

I am closing my editorial schedule to new clients at the end of this month (May) so that I can focus on my own writing. I've been neglecting works that I've wanted to get to my agent, and the Cat Sharp series, and want to shift attention back to that for a bit. It's time. This is a temporary status. I will open up to new clients again, most probably in the fall. (Or, if I just blaze through what I want to do and am ready sooner, then hey, game on.)

***PLEASE NOTE***: Existing clients/projects that are between phases are not included in this hiatus. If we're working on a novel together or have worked together this year, this does not apply to you. 

If you have any questions or want to snatch a spot for short work or critiques, please  use the contact form on this site. I do not have room in my limited schedule to take on new novels.