Summer Vacation

Hello, my lovely friends. As you know I'm on editorial hiatus/closed to new clients. I'm also taking a breather from Twitter and Facebook. My feeds are full of anger and disgust and fighting and I just can't do it. So, this week, I'm still going to be posting on Instagram and blogging (shock!), but will be avoiding the Big Two like the proverbial plague. (Instagram and this blog both feed into my Facebook and Twitter accounts, but I'm not going to be actively posting there.)


After a few days already of trying to abstain, I've discovered just how insidious the hold of social media has become. I've actually found myself saying, "How did I spend time in 2008?" The answer is: Medicated! (Because 2008 was the year my back went to Hell.) Or I was with my daughter watching Bob the goddamn Builder. But being the lucid parent of a 12 year old is different, apparently. So I'm left to figure it all out. Like a baby thrust into a strange world of actually interacting with people on an individual level, private chats and .... oh god... phone calls. 

OH! Hey, here's a thing that I wanted to write about a month ago but didn't because shit just seems to go so fast... 

So, I have C-PTSD. Last month was a particular anniversary that sent me into a pretty righteous anxiety storm. As some of you know, I use medical cannabis for pain and some mental health symptoms. As fewer of you probably know, I have some synaesthete tendencies. I experience physical sensations with color as well as pain or whatever. It's hard to explain, but one example is that during physical therapy my therapist asked me to describe my pain. The first word that came to mind was "Silver". Unpacking that, I understood that "silver" equated to brilliant, brittle, sharp and intense. But it was silver pain.  Anyway, my anxiety attack last month manifested as a thorny, purple halo of pressure around my head. And it just got tighter as my anxiety built. I took two puffs of medical cannabis off my vape pen and the effect was immediate. Perfect numbness clamped down over the purple halo, and the crazy noise in my head went quiet. 

I've never had such a clear demonstration of a medication working.  This stuff works for me. 


Speaking of good medicine, my mom and I are traveling this weekend. We try to get away together once a year. Sometimes it's a weekend at home, last year it was a trip to San Diego. This year...well, we were going to go to New Orleans, but that fell through. Which makes me hesitant to tell you where we ARE going. Once I'm on the plane, I will probably post the joy, but I don't want to jinx it.  I'm very excited about our vacation. It's getting to 110+ here in Phoenix, stress is high because the world is a cesspool. Mom and I both have unpleasant anniversaries coming up this week... so imagine our pleasure to find temperatures at our Undisclosed Location are going to be in the 80s with a forecast of rain.  Not only do we get a reprieve from the ghastly temperatures, I've instituted a ban on jeans, underwires and my computer. So. Excited. 

Later this year, my family and I are traveling to New York and New Jersey. I've never been to the New England area, so this will be pretty awesome. While the rest of us are talking about things we want to do like visit Ground Zero, Times Square or see a taping of The Late Show With Stephen Colbert, my beloved daughter has made the humble request to visit the tomb where it happens, the grave of the 10 Dollar Founding Father: Alexander Hamilton.  


Why yes, I am rambling because I'm not posting on Facebook. 

Guh. This thing is such an addiction. How did we get here, y'all? 

Alright. I'm going to go sip some tea and force myself not to start packing already.