A Breather

Good morning, kids. How are you? It's Saturday of a long weekend and I hope everyone is enjoying themselves. I thought I'd come up for air for a bit to say hey. This week I've been immersed in writing and being sick. The sick is finally starting to go away, and I'm taking a break from the manuscript.At present, the new project is at 20,500 words (that's about 80 pages). Once more I find myself having doubts about the last scene, so I'm taking a couple days away to clear my head, recharge and get some perspective. I rarely share rough draft work that isn't short fiction, but I've sent the pages to a friend just to see if fresh eyes confirm my suspicions. We'll see. But, today is for gaming. Dresden Files RPG with a group of friends. And tomorrow is for more gaming. And Monday? Well, I'm not sure.

Stay safe and have a great weekend, gang. Oh, and if you're at Dragon Con, have a blast for me and swing by the Pyr Publishing booth! (Because if you're there I must live vicariously through you and I really want to hang with the Pyr crowd.)

Leave a note and tell me what's up in your world.