All I Really Want

So, the recent OccupyWallSt movement(s) have had me thinking about many things. Too many to go into at length in one single blog post. (Trust me, we'll talk.) But, I see pundits, politicians and armchair dictators going on and on about what *they* think the American People Want. I thought I would come on by here and set down in no uncertain terms what it is that *I* want.I want my daughter to grow up healthy, happy and loved. I want my husband to feel secure in his job and not panic. I want our health insurance company (AETNA) to quit raising my rates every 6 months because of "rising health care costs" right after they've sent me a letter announcing they now cover hair plugs and Viagra. I want people to support each other and I want businesses to take a hike. I want the super rich to buy a fucking clue and realize that life *is* different for most of the world. I want Firefly back. I want Babylon 5 back. With Marcus. I want to spend my life doing something that I'm passionate about, not working at a job I hate just because it's mandatory to pay bills. I want my own house with a fire pit and a big dining room for gaming and parties with friends. I want to be a published author. Not a self-published author. Those of you who take this path, that's your gig, but I prefer legacy (traditional) publishing. I want to be a successful author not because of sales numbers, but because my stories are *good* and people enjoy them. I want you to be happy. I want a little bit of revolution. I want people to see that they are worth so much more than they think...and that money is nothing. Support is currency. I want Jason Carter (Marcus on Babylon 5) to narrate my audio books when I'm a published author. I want to lose 30 pounds not so that I can fit society's ideals of beauty but so that I live up to my own standards. (Which were warped by society... but I'm working on that.) I want my LGBTQ friends to live in a world where they don't have to justify or explain themselves. I want humans to stop the race and just be. I want teleportation to be a reality. I want to enjoy life rather than define it.I want you to comment on this and add your voice.