An Open Letter To The American Government

(What follows is ranty and political. If you'd rather not read that, you are free to click away and enjoy your day. You are also free to read and add your thoughts. Either way, thank you for even coming to this blog. Nerdmaste - J)
Dear Elected Officials, Senators, Congresspersons, Whips, Speakers, Leaders and President Obama:
Grow up.
Kindergartners behave better than the lot of you right now. I hesitate to compare you to children because that is an insult to most kids to lump them with you. You are playing a game and using the American people as pawns, bargaining chips and hostages. You seem to be suffering from a collective amnesia or blindness (or both), so allow me to educate you on a few things.
The American people—all 100% of us—are your employers. We pay your salaries with our tax dollars. We trust that you are capable of doing the job we hired you for. What is that job? To represent our interests and protect us, to uphold the Constitution and maintain our freedoms. So far, though, you are all laying down on the job. You’re trying to pass bills that are not just un-Constitutional they are anti-Constitutional. They fly against the principles you’re touting on the campaign trail. You’re taking handouts from lobbyists and pandering to the rich, you are instigating and fueling class warfare and income inequality. You keep thumping the podium about jobs jobs jobs, but what about yours? Those of us who work for a living would have been fired if we’d behaved like the lazy, belligerent employees you are.
You’ve stopped listening to the American people in favor of sweet words from those who will line your pockets and keep you in the cushy lives to which you’ve become accustomed. What was that you were saying about entitlement?

You say that you're against "BIG GOVERNMENT" then you want to make federal mandates on who can or can't marry? What a woman can or can't do with her own body? What grown adults can or can't do in their recreational time?  Right. You say you're for tax breaks then turn around and vote them down specifically because you want to be contrary and get this or that guy out of office.

Your actions of late have proven that you are callow, petty people. Politicking, bickering, these little staring contests and threats that you see as meeting partisan goals are not victimless games. It’s not like chess or RISK or Candyland where you can just get up from the table when it’s done. You are playing with real people and their lives. Real people with families, responsibilities, dreams, diseases, problems, hopes… you are messing with the American people.
Do you remember what happens, historically, when someone messes with America? It usually doesn’t end well. We can start with Great Britain back in the 18th century. I’m sure you remember that.
This is our country. All of us live here together. When you set out to be contrary just to make the other party look bad, it hits us first. You think the wealth will trickle down? Floodwaters rise from the bottom up and right now you’re threatening to break the levy. If we drown, so will you. There won’t be an Americaleft for you to play with, no more lobbyists to pad your bank accounts, no more voters to send you to your Washingtonplay ground.
Snap out of it. Grow up. Remember who you are and what your jobs are.
You are representatives and employees of the American people. You are there to uphold the American Constitution, the Bill of Rights and make sure our voices are heard.
Do your job.
SOPA and NDAA need to go away.
Pass the payroll tax cuts.
Quit the bullshit and games.
Your employer,
Jamie Wyman
Phoenix, AZ