And the Daddy Tomato Said...


So, that's what this post is about. Or rather catch-up. The past few months have been insane, this past 30 days being really difficult. I can't say things are getting back to normal. Nothing will ever be "normal" again because the world is irrevocably different now. But things are settling into a new version of normal.

Monday I started the rough draft for my fourth novel, working title Wednesday's Child. This is Book 2 in my "Etudes in C#" series. Book 2 is coming along. I've gotten the first chapter out and I'm not beating myself about the head and shoulders saying, "This sucks!" So, I must be doing something right?

Another thing keeping me busy lately is Tribe Ohana. As some of you know this is a "pet project" of mine. A group of people hellbent on helping each other through life. We support people, not businesses or factions or whatever. People.  Well, we have an official website now! Please go check it out and say hi.

What else...what else... kiddo's tooth fell out. house has been Christmas-ified. OH! I get to tell Aetna to take a fucking hike next month! Woot! What else... uh... yeah. Not sure I've got anything to report other than silly stories about my kid and random people on the bus, or rambling about how a complete stranger began telling me how I could self-publish immediately after I told him I was a writer.

How are you? Let's catch up.