And We're Back

Hi! School started today so that means I have more time to actually contribute to this blog! Woooo! So, I thought we could talk about something near and dear to my heart: The Olympics. I love the Olympics. Winter. Summer. Doesn't matter where they are. I. Love. Them. Sadly, they are now over for another 18 months, but London put on one hell of a show. I thought the Opening Ceremonies were breathtaking. Last night's Closing Ceremonies took the mother fucking taco. I kept a running commentary going on my personal Facebook page. My soul friend and fellow Olympics Guru BJA joined me for some clever color. Meet me after the jump for my version of the Closing Ceremonies.

Closing Ceremonies commentary #1: Largest STOMP cast ever assembled = Jamie-gasm. Also, opening with STOMP + a choir singing a gorgeous Beatles tune? Jaw-droppingly happy me.
Closing Ceremonies commentaries #3 & 8: Imagine is the perfect Olympics song! And now I have something in my eye. Yes the Lennon tribute made me cry.

Closing Ceremonies commentary #10: BOWIE!  --Well, sorta Bowie. Music and pictures and supermodels. Sean asked me, "Why couldn't they just GET David Bowie?" I then went into my long-winded conspiracy theory that he was busy being Annie Lennox for the evening. I mean, come on. You never see Annie Lennox and David Bowie together at the same time. Sure, they toured together, but I didn't see it, so I have no actual proof that they aren't the same person. Just sayin'.  Closing Ceremonies Commentary # 18: Annie Fucking Lennox!! --I think I've made my point. 

Closing Ceremonies commentary #23: Are you fucking kidding me? Russell Brand ruining some of of the best songs ever?!?! Love his costume and the bus, but gah! NO!

Closing Ceremonies commentary #30: Fat Boy Slim? Poi please! Let's get this shit spinning!

Closing Ceremonies commentary #39: Between the ringmaster-ish costume from Brand, the song Freedom by George Michael, and the commercial that just played Katy Perry's "Peacock", I officially miss Sin Aesthesia. What I didn't miss? Spice Girls.


Closing Ceremonies commentary #49: Finally! A Python!!!! (and a Rutle.)

Closing Ceremonies commentary #50: MOTHER FUCKING FREDDY MERCURY!!!!! Closing Ceremonies commentary #63: What? Flags? No... no flags. Bring back the rock concert to end all rock concerts! BJA: Brazil has a fun, catchy anthem. Makes me want to prance about the house in my knickers. Hmmm. Be right back... Closing Ceremonies commentary #69: Rio's presentation better have half-naked people dancing with beads and drums and go carnivale style if it's going to compete with Freddy Mercury's Ghost.

BJA:  I could send you shots of my half-naked prancing to the Brazilian anthem, if that'd help.

Me: As long as you never show me your Brazillian.

BJA: Radioactive drum majors? Jamie, why do they have drums on their heads? Is this a weird marching band thing the rest of us are unaware of?

Me: Ah, yes! The oft forgotten cranial percussionists. Disbanded in 1979 because of an East German doping scandal.

Closing Ceremonies commentary #73: Holy shit, it's Pele!

Closing Ceremonies commentary 79: No more talky! GET TO THE WHO! BJA: Dr. Rog sounds like a Bond villain.

Closing Ceremonies commentary #82: Does the flame have to go away? :( *sad panda*  *gasp* OMG PHOENIX!!!
Closing Ceremonies commentary 88: FUCK Animal Practice! I want to see THE WHO perform Baba O'Reilly (which I totally called an hour ago)! Goddammit, NBC!
BJA: I declare jihad on NBC.


Thank you, London. That was the best damn Olympics I can remember. Class, character and grace. .... and now, I start counting down for Sochi 2014. This ends our coverage of the London 2012 games and the Closing Ceremonies thereof. From all of us here in the studio we'd like to say that Bob Costas sucks, London rocks and I'm so full of adrenaline from that concert, how the hell am I going to sleep. This is the Blue Bee Girl signing off. .... For now.

So, I'm thinking that between now and February 2014, BJA and I have to prepare a podcast where we can be the awesome commentators we truly are. We're better than Costas and the Today Show crew (who turned the Opening Ceremonies into a London version of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade). So yeah. This will be fun! Commentating from FANS, not from people who have scripts, teleprompters and tape delay. Or pesky FCC regulations regarding profanity.