April Showers

So, we're looking down the barrel of the last week in April. It's been quite a month. Revisions, edits, writing new material, friends in from out of town, preparing for the wedding of friends, a birthday, kid's first field trip... yeah, there's a lot that we've packed into this month. Now, as it's winding to a close, it finally seems that life is returning to "normal"--whatever that actually is. Maybe the better word is "routine".

The past few days--while fun I wouldn't trade--have taken it out of me, and by "it" I mean my energy to do anything but lay like a lump and read. Thursday night, the daughter and I had a campout in our back yard. Sleeping on an underinflated air mattress with a cuddlesome 5 year old was ... fun? Uncomfortable and sweet at the same time. It was pretty nice to wake up (cold, I might add) and hear birds all around. We had a play date with some out of town friends that afternoon, then I went out with the ladies for a bachelorette party. New restaurant, a comedy club and a drag show. I even had an excuse to wear my purple-ish Goth Girl Who May Bite Your Head Off lipstick. Score! As I was dropping off a friend and picking up my husband and daughter from a friend's house at 1am, a conversation started on the back porch that I just didn't want to end...The kiddo was asleep, the husband and I were too tired to drive, so we stayed there. Three hours after I went to bed, morning time came with a day of herding cats. Last night, I finally got to sleep in my bed again.

And I woke up feeling sick.

It's not a perfect existence, but it's mine. And it's been fun lately. Exhausting. But fun.

Now that some of the activity is settling down, though, I can hear my own thoughts and some of the rhythm of life. I have that feeling again...that tingly feeling that something awesome is just over the horizon. Hope? Superstition? Whatever it is, it makes me smile.

I just ask the Universe.... before that next big wave of awesome, can I get a nap?