Auld Lang Syne

Here it is, New Year's Eve. With just over 12 hours left, 2012 is trying to get me to hate it and shove it out the door. But I can't, really. So much happened this cousin Rich and my Aunt Cathy (no relation to one another) passed away....I signed on with my stellar agent Jennie Goloboy. ...I made new friends and contacts within the industry. ...I wrote another book and several short pieces. ...I got my 7th tattoo. husband changed jobs (twice). ...I turned 32. daughter turned 7.

Friends had babies. Friends got divorced and married.  I read new books. I found new comedians and television shows to enjoy. I listened to new bands. Saw movies. Played games....and lots of other stuff, too. Most of it beneath the surface. Little changes that don't look like much from the outside.

And so 2012 -- the Year of Behaving Admirably -- draws to a close. It's been an odd duck, 2012. It started off with a bang of awesome. It saw some low points and changes. But all in all, I'd call 2012 a success. Thank you for being part of it. I hope you stick around for 2013, because we've got some awesome stories to make.