Back to Back Pain

As friends and long-time readers will know my struggle with back issues is a tale of vitriol and Vicodin. After 7 years marching drumline, a lifetime of shitty posture and various poor choices in office chair, I slipped 2 discs in 2008. A pinched sciatic nerve and the intense pain resulting therefrom led to a few rounds of physical therapy, four spinal injections, two MRIs, and a pharmacy in a pear tree. I was on a ton of painkillers, muscle relaxers and for months I couldn't function like a normal human being. I couldn't walk without a cane. I had to sit out on one Sin Aesthesia performance, step down from performer to emcee for another and do a lackluster poi routine for the final hurrah. I'm not going back to that--especially since the last time I spoke with my doctor he said that if I *did* have a relapse, I would be staring down the barrel of my first spinal surgery.So that was 2008. It sucked. I am mostly recovered with a bit of residual nerve damage down my left leg and the occasional tweak of pain. So last week, whilst walking to pick up my daughter from school, my legs started calves started to go pins-and-needles numb, and my lower back began to ache in a very familiar way. Fuck.

Part of the problem is that routine has changed about fifty times in the past few months. Another problem is that I've got a desk made for a person with short legs and I'm an amazon. Another issue is that my desk chair from hell gave up the ghost so I've been making due with a metal folding chair and a throw pillow for a month. My lower back is beginning to complain about the state of its union with my SI joint, the nerves around it and thus, my pain receptors. Before it gets critical, I'm backing off where I can. And that means not spending hours at the desk. I've got a workhorse laptop that I use at times like this. It has no internet. No bells and whistles. Just an older version of Windows, Microsoft Word and a smile.

If I want to finish this book AND have a healthy back, I can't sit at this desk in this chair. I can't afford the desk chair I want/need at the moment. So that means, less internetting.

Blogging can still happen with a thumbdrive, yes, but if I'm on the laptop I'm working my tail off. So, dear readers, just be aware that for my own health and sanity I may be blogging less frequently. Trust me, I paid off those damn medical bills and I don't want to start fighting that battle again. Can't afford the meds, the MRIs, the PT or the mental fog that comes with being drugged to the gills for pain. Can't do that again.

Love you all.


EDITED TO ADD: So, apparently my workhorse laptop has decided to call in sick today. Something is wrong with the start up and the little clit-like-mouse button (what the hell is that called again?) is not working. Seriously, Monday, it's time for you to fuck off.