Big Announcement!

colbert high fiveSo if you follow me on the social media, you know that I'm big on local geek folk/rock band Open Beta. Well, last night we made the big announcement live on Periscope during the band's weekly performance at  Cup O' Karma. If you didn't see it, here 'tis! Open Beta has graciously offered to do a concert to raise funds for this Kickstarter. Next Friday (September 25) from 8-10 pm we will all be at Gotham City Comics in Mesa, AZ. We will have live Periscope streams for those who can't come to the event itself, so you can enjoy the music and get in on the action. We'll have merch, raffles and other joy PLUS a very special guest emcee. The link to the live feed will be posted here, on my social media, my website, and the band's social media as well. The best thing you can do is to join us (on site or via the Periscope feed), share the link far and wide and bring in new eyes and ears so we can get this Kickstarter funded!

Between now and next Friday, please keep being amazing, spread the link to this campaign, tell people why you dig this project and help us meet the goal of $8500.

Thank you for your support. I love you all and could not do this without you.