Blog Gumbo

So, looking at the news buzzing around right now, I realize that I have some opinions on a few things. This post will be random, possibly offensive and may topic jump. (I have a pounding headache and am going crazy at the moment, but more on that later)... so sit back, grab some chai and join me in a trip through my thoughts.

1) Pottermore. Let's forget for just a moment that I haven't seen Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part 1 yet. (I have a kid. This makes getting to movies difficult sometimes. Stop looking at me like that. No, I will not turn in my Harry Potter Fan card. Shut up!) The trailers for the last installment make me squee. The past couple of weeks I've been playing the Lego Harry Potter game. I even tried to start reading Sorcerer's Stone to K, but she's not interested yet. (She's 5, we forgive her and hope this is just a phase.) But... today... the big buzz is about Pottermore. What, you ask, is Pottermore? Well, it's a teaser site. Pink background, 2 owls and a single word (pottermore) hovering over JK Rowling's signature.

This gets a quirk of the eyebrow. O rly? I say. Click on one of the owls and you're taken to JKR's youtube channel. There you will find a clock counting down to some major announcement.  Merlin's beard, what could it be?! More from the Potterverse? (Seriously, you don't write one of the biggest franchises ever centered around a character named Potter and THEN start a new project with the same name and NOT include that character. Bad form and highly sneaky. And mean.) So my fangirl heart palpitates at the idea that we might get what I've wanted for years. Prequels! I want to see what Moony, Padfoot and Prongs were up to back in their day. Oh! Or maybe we can see some of Fred & George's exploits before Harry gets to Hogwarts. Will we see what happens after the epilogue of Deathly Hallows? Gah! I'm already going nuts for the final movie(s), now she does this? Shrewd woman.

So what do you think? Do you think it's not a new book series at all but some media tie-in to boost move #7? What do you hope it is? Geek with me on this one.

2) House Hunting. Don't I wish we were hunting THAT House. Yes, all I would have to do is force myself to look at Fox. But, no... not looking for Hugh Laurie (call me). So, Sean and I have been together for almost 7 years at this point. We've got a 5 year old...we got married last year...and now we're talking about getting a house. Like seriously talking about it. I spoke with a mortgage broker this week to see what we can afford...we've been looking at listings for houses and this weekend we are going to look at some of them . All I can think is, "when the hell did I become a grown up?" Yeah, I know that sounds weird coming from a mom...but really...when did that happen? And in the past, Sean and I have talked about getting a house, but it was talk. We knew at the time we didn't have the cash to do it... it was something for the future and sometimes just something to dream about. Now, it's actually happening. We're serious about it and every day something happens to push that forward one more step. Our lease in this house is up in January. Sure, we're looking early, but Sean and I don't want to do this last minute. (When we moved into the place we're in now, we had a month to pack and move out of our apartment...during Christmas. Yeah. Not again.)

So when did I become a grown up? I still don't feel like one. I just feel like a kid with more responsibilities. I still play with my imaginary friends and I can still beat people at Candyland. I don't want to grow up. Don't you lose part of your soul when you do that? Nope. Not me. I'm not growing up. I flat out refuse. Getting older is inevitable. Acting responsibly is preferred. But being a grown up? No. *blows a raspberry*

So yeah, please wish us luck on this as it's daunting and exciting all the same.

3) Weiner. *sigh* I really do wish that politicians people would just learn to be smart about shit. Taking pictures of your cock and posting them online when you're in a sensitive job position? Yeah, dumbass. However, I think resignation was the wrong way to go. Sure, he's in therapy. (And who wouldn't need physical therapy if they had to walk around constantly leaning to the left like that?) But, does this really effect his ability to stick it to the GOP? Does his propensity for finding alone time in the gym to take junk shots interfere with his political views? I'm sure that someone out there will say that this is outrageous. "We can't have immoral people in office!"


What planet are you on? If I wanted a moral politician in office I'd move to the country where I can also have a unicorn ranch and where rivers run freely with decaf chai latte. Where dark chocolate and money grow on trees. We don't live there. Moral politicians? Don't they live at the North Pole with Santa and the Easter Bunny?

Point is, Weiner is a voice for good and now, because people on both sides of the aisle are still puritanical hypocrites, we have lost that voice. Did he fuck up? Absolutely. But who hasn't? Scandals come out every week about someone in government. For one thing, this guy had to work twice as hard to get where he is because with a name like "weiner" you're already starting in the back. Furthermore...why do I care if someone posted pictures of his junk online? Jon Kyl is a flat out liar and no one seems to give a shit. If we take a picture of 3% of his junk and post it (saying it's 90% of course) will that make you yell to get him to resign? Pretty please with chai on top?

4) Michele Bachmann. Seriously, can the woman EVER look at a camera? Must she always look off to the side? Dear Buddha, I want a plastic rocket, a pony and for her to not come near the White House.

5) GIVE ME THE BOOK! And while we're talking about teasers... editor Anne Sowards posted a picture of fresh copies of Jim Butcher's newest book GHOST STORY. This is the next book in the Harry Dresden series and isn't out until late next month. I want this book and I want it now. No, I won't go read the snippets online. Why would I do that? I don't want spoilers and I want to enjoy it all at once. In my hands. I want to be able to curse the name Jim Butcher and slam a book shut. Clicking to close a browser just doesn't have the same umph behind it. Along those same lines... Gail Carriger's next book in the Parasol Protectorate comes out in a few weeks. I will have HEARTLESS, oh yes I will.

6) My Book. As for my own writings...I will be starting preliminary outlines for Eli's story. Also, I'm trying to nail down a plot for the zombie sequel. In that case, I have too many ideas for future books and need to sort out what should come next and how to dole out information to get to my end result.

I have to say thank you. The support from you guys these past few weeks has been immense and I can't begin to repay that. The debacle with my now-former-agent actually improved things in my career. Right now, I'm querying again and have some interest in the book. We'll see what happens. Also, thank you all so much for your support on Eli's story. So many of you enjoyed just that snippet that I feel like he has a safe place to tell his story. You are all awesome.

So yeah... that's life around here. House-hunting, book shopping, being Mom. Gaming with friends. It's a silly little life, but I love it.