Boom De Yada

Alright, so it's no secret that I am a dork and I heart the BoomDeYada songs from Discovery Channel. I also love any variation (the XKCD homage and its subsequent video are up there, too). It's my ringtone!

Well, I've had Boomdeyada stuck in my head...forever... and now, I've started with my own version of it. It started on Facebook with me just typing boomdeyada boomdeyada boomdeyada boomdeyada... then Krista Long contributed "I love the nerds. I love my awesome friends..."

Me: "I love my dork boys and game nights that never end." Brian: "I love the whole world, Olympics start tonight! boomdeyada boomdeyada boomdeyada boomdeyada..."

So now, I'm going to keep it going.... Happy Friday, y'all! BOOMDEYADA

I love my hobbits
I love my Ohana.

I love Dark Chocolate. I love Manah Manah. I love the whole world and being part of it. Boomdeyada Boomdeyada Boomdeyada Boomdeyada

I love red rocks.
I love the Blue Man Group.
I love to play with fire
and local circus troupes.
I love the whole world! No place I'd rather be.
Boomdeyada boomdeyada boomdeyada boomdeyada

The world is awesome.