Catch Up Session

Alright, so I know I've been a bad girl and haven't updated here in a bit, BUT, I have good reasons. That whole thing that happens outside of the confines of cyberspace? Life? Yeah, it happened. Last week I spent a couple of mornings babysitting an infant so the new parents could get some uninterrupted shut-eye. When I finished up at their house, I went to help my brother-in-law sift through stuff as he prepared to move out of his house.

I'm not going to lie, that was hard. Weird, difficult...while sorting through things I'd come across the most random thing that belonged to Nicki. A key ring, a pair of sunglasses...random shit. And part of me, this little magpie in the back of my mind, felt the need to scoop it up and horde it like some kleptomaniacal rodent. Then, the voice of reason I commonly refer to as Deus ex Wahine stepped in and said softly, "She's not in there. Keeping a key ring won't make her come back or keep her close. She's not here." And so I'd put down the little totem, thank it for the memory and move on.

At the same time I told myself she wasn't there, I nearly choked on her presence. I could hear her telling me about all the things she wanted to plant in her garden. How we'd have Sin Aesthesia rehearsals in the library and I could spin fire out back by the pool. Those things never happened. And they won't.

Anyway... Thursday my daughter got sick. For some unknown reason, she couldn't keep food down and I spent the day snuggling a very quiet version of my kiddo. Friday morning, however, she woke up giddy and proudly shouted, "Happy birthday, Mommy!"

Yup, Friday I celebrated 32 trips around the sun. Sean had the day off work, K had the day off school, so we went out and had a nice lunch at Rainforest Cafe. Then we went through the Sea Life aquarium and hung out with sting rays, a sea turtle and an octopus. I was pretty blissed out at that point, but it just got better. Said brother-in-law and his girlfriend (who is amazing, btw!) brought me a red velvet cake from Coldstone. *drool* A few friends dropped in and we sat on my patio talking, shooting the shit and laughing until I had to excuse myself and crash in bed.

Spent Saturday with my mom shopping and having a lovely brunch out at The Farm at South Mountain. It reminded me of Indiana, felt like home and had great food. Then, Mom took me to IKEA to pick out some organization stuff for my desk. Strangely, everything I got is either black, pink or floral. I've noticed this is a trend. *looks around blog* Anyway, the family dyed Easter eggs, watched the Star Trek reboot and enjoyed the evening with great gusto. Sunday just provided icing to the proverbial cake--as opposed to the red velvet one--with an egg hunt, a trip to the park and Mythbusters.

So yes, I've been remiss in updating this blog of late. Thanks for sticking around.