Good Omen?

Okay, so this just totally happened. I was in line at Dutch Bros (9 stamp day!!!) and my phone kept chirping that there are amazing fucking people in this world who are backing the UNINVITED Kickstarter. I checked and we're OVER $7000!!!!! Holy shit!

colbert high five

So then, I've got my chai....I'm in the car on the way home from Dutch Bros, I'm trying to psych myself up for this last push. (Because seriously guys there's nothing in my tank. I'm empty.)



So I start trying to give myself a pep talk and rifling through the couch cushions of my mind looking for spare spoons and fucks to give. I'm trying everything. (I tried the Bill Pullman Independence Day type speech on myself 2 weeks ago. It's lost its power.) And I actually hear my inner voice saying, "Get hype."

That's when I realize I'm giving myself the high school football coach/drumline when we're exhausted "just pull out one more run" type of thing. You know where people start punching themselves in the chest.


Yeah, that. I'm doing that kind of thing to myself. "Come on, Jamie. Dig deep. You can do this. Less than $1500 to go and you're so close. 29 hours, less than $1500...You can do this. You can..."

...and then I realized what song was on the radio. My shuffle had pulled up one of the key songs I associate with Cat and Marius. Particularly the next couple of stories.

*looks skyward*

I hear you.

We can do this.

#Satyrthon - The Recap!

original image: David Tennant from Fright Night. Modified by Emma Lysyk. Goooooooooood Monday morning, Internet! As you faithful readers know, Friday last we had a fundraiser for the UNINVITED Kickstarter. Phoenix's geeky folky trio Open Beta played some JoCo covers, some ripping fiddle tunes, and my favorite version of Baby Got Back to the Irish tune "My Brother Sylveste". It never gets old. For me, anyway. Thank you, Open Beta, for indulging me.

It wasn't all fun and games, though. 

Okay, so it was mostly fun and games. For those of you who were there or watching from home, you might have noticed that things did not, in fact, start promptly on time at 8pm as they were rumored to do.

For those who don't know, the original title for WILD CARD (Book 1 in the Etudes in C# series) was "Technical Difficulties". Various people at the original publisher informed me that for various reason we should change that title. So I did. But that doesn't mean that said title doesn't get invoked from time to time. So, imagine my absolute surprise when I got to the venue just after 6:30pm and discovered that things weren't going smoothly.

You can get this if you back the Kickstarter for $10 or more.

We had some issues with traffic keeping people from getting there on time. One of the phones we were going to use for the Periscope feed wouldn't connect to the store's interwebs. Which meant that the phone we were going to use for merch sales had to be appropriated. There were some issues with the sound equipment. And there were other things, too.

I won't lie. Initially, I wanted to breathe into a paper bag or disappear into the bottle of tequila in said paper bag. But then, I remembered that such things are how one is blessed by Trickster Spirit. The characters of my books embody Trickster, really. So, these mishaps...the static on the speakers, the missing instrument, the problems with transportation? All of that was just Loki saying hello. The Tricksters made their presence known, and when they do that you can either shake your fist and thus piss them off because you just tossed their gift back in their faces.... or you can embrace it, laugh, and love the damn bomb.

I chose the latter. 12043091_812986068814240_9043675200092424679_n And after that everything went insanely well.

Our emcee, Antonius Stark, and I talked to the crowd and let them know why we were gathered at Gotham City Comics. We talked about the Cat Sharp books, the Kickstarter and the fundraiser that night. The band played. Raffle tickets and merch were purchased. Auction bids were made silently, and by 10 pm we'd raised $1175 to make UNINVITED a real book.

12072561_812975578815289_8664882780180906166_nSome highlights of the evening included Antonius Stark donning a Jayne Cobb hat while the band played "Hero of Canton"... Erin--the silent auction winner of both Zach Reddy's Cat & Marius print, and the Loki Chip Lamp by Emma Lysyk--informed me that her husband hates urban fantasy but devoured and loved my books. (That made me squee.) And the kids... omg. A 4 year old gave me her weekly ice cream money, and a young boy won the Viking Helmet knit by Cheryl Doebler and nearly vibrated with excitement because of it.

Everything from the silent auction went to good homes. Every raffle item was taken home. It was awesome.

The only problem is that Open Beta's drummer Brian made this face when he found out that he might not get UNINVITED. 12036877_812974458815401_3400225020423583561_n

Please, gods, back the Kickstarter so that he never makes that face again.

All told, #Satyrthon brought the Kickstarter from 49% funded to 65% funded! YOU did that! Thank you to Gotham City Comics, to Open Beta, to all of the artists who donated items for the raffle and auction, and to everyone who came out to support us.

You can see the whole photo album here including pictures of the band, the auction items and their winners, and more of Antonius Stark. Photos by Melissa McCollum.

We're in the final hours of the Kickstarter and need your help. So please pass it on, spread the word, back the project and help us make this book real!

#Satyrthon Is Here!

SATE 2Tonight tonight tonight, hot damn! tonight! We are gathering in Mesa, AZ this evening (8pm - 10pm local time) to have a kick ass fundraiser for UNINVITED (Etudes in C#, No. 3). Phoenix's very own geek folk trio Open Beta is playing music. Iron Man is our emcee. We'll have a raffle and a silent auction as well as a table full of books, pins, t-shirts and such for people to buy. We're taking over Gotham City Comics and it's going to be a blast.

If you're not local, don't fret, you can still have fun with us.

First of all, we're going to be broadcasting live via Periscope. If you follow me on Twitter (which, if you don't already, you should start), the Periscope feed will pop up in my timeline and I'll be tweeting about it on the hashtag #Satyrthon. Follow me, follow the hashtag and leave questions, comments, cusswords, encouragement in the chat/feed. (Make sure to use the hashtag #Satyrthon!)

If you're not on Twitter, never worry, never fear. I'll be posting the link to my Facebook page as well. Leave questions or whatever on my wall, or, if you're using a mobile device, directly in the Periscope chat.

I will be a bit of a butterfly going from one thing to another, so I will have a couple of minions running the chat with me and getting your questions for me to answer during the broadcast. Emma will be chatting on Periscope and Facebook, possibly Twitter... And she'll be watching the Kickstarter itself to keep an eye on stuff. Yay for browsers with multiple tabs. She's my Uhura.

So, that's how you can participate from home. Unfortunately, in order to win the raffle or auction items you must be present or have a proxy on site with cash or card in hand to pay for your auction items and raffle tickets.

Speaking of auction items... Check out this stunning bit of artwork by Zach Reddy:

unnamed Squee!!! I love this picture so much! We'll have a print up for auction and it will be signed by Zach and myself.


On top of that, we've got dice jewelry by Michelle McCollum.  She has taken a full set of green polyhedral dice and used wire-wrapping and other techniques to create a necklace similar to the one in the picture to the left. She has also made a matching pair of earrings out of 10-sided percentile dice. (Not pictured.) These will be going up for auction as a set.


Talent runs in the family. Michelle's mother Melissa has made a gorgeous hand painted silk jacket in various green tones. It's machine washable, and once size fits most. (We tried it on all sorts of body types including Melissa, Michelle, myself and my 9 year old daughter. It's very comfortable and a stunning piece of original art. Due to the dyeing process, no two pieces will ever be alike.


Emma Lysyk made an LED lamp out of Loki's poker chip. Open Beta is offering a concert. You can play the Cat Sharp deck in a game of Sentinels of the Multiverse with me.


My daughter made a custom Cat Sharp My Little Pony. She used a Pinkie Pie figure, air-dry clay and acrylic paint.


My 9 year old is proud of me guys. That means more than you can imagine.

There are so many amazing things that people have contributed for the raffle and auction. I'm truly humbled by their support, and yours.

All of the proceeds from Open Beta and C# merch sales, the raffle and silent auction will be put into the UNINVITED Kickstarter at the end of the night. (At which point I will be donning my pajamas and going to some all-night dining establishment and falling face first into a milkshake or something.) As of this post, we are so close to the 50% mark and heading into the final 5 days of the campaign to fund the next book.

Above all, #Satyrthon is going to be fun. Music, laughter, shennanigans. And Iron Man. I hope you'll join us--in person or via the internet--and share in our good times.

The more the merrier, so please spread the word and links.

#Satyrthon - Raffle Items

photo by Melissa McCollum Hey, doves! So, #Satyrthon is Friday, September 25! We will have books for sale as well as exclusive C# merch and Open Beta swag. Not only that, we're holding a raffle and a silent auction. Since I'm so freaking excited about this concert, I wanted to give you a sneak peek at some of the items available for our raffle. The following items have been graciously donated by local Phoenix artists for the express purpose of raising money for the UNINVITED Kickstarter

Buttons not included, but will be available for purchase.

Open Beta T-Shirt (multiple sizes available) - From Open Beta, the geek folk trio that will be playing the music at #Satyrthon. The band consists of Paul Schmidt (vocals and guitar), Erin Lewis (violin and vocals) and Brian Abernethy (vocals and bodhran). The have roots in the Irish music scene but have branched out to include an eclectic mix of geek folk and pop covers.


Dreamstalker Films T-Shirt (size XL) - DreamStalker Films is a small independent film company based in Mesa, AZ. They have been working as a business since 2009, but have been making films since 1999. The company is co-owned by Joseph M. Benzer and Derek Lookingbill.
They began with the short fanfilm: “Slayer Wars: Episode LVII: The Vampyre Strikes Back,” which for the first time combined Buffy the Vampire Slayer with the Jedi and Sith of Star Wars. This film was shot entirely on VHS and took 4 years in total to complete with visual effects, but did not get an original score until 2008. The Uber-Special Edition cut of the film premiered for the first time publically at the 2009 Phoenix Comicon.
12002147_10207059038421602_4199871247315087421_nSince then, they have moved from VHS to Digital and now to High Definition, completed 13 original short films, and premiered several of them at local events including the Almost Famous Film Festivals and the Phoenix Comicon Film Festivals. They are currently in post-production on two "Slayer Wars" sequels, and early pre-production on two short films and two feature films.
More information can be found on their website

2 Dreamstalker Films DVDsDreamStalker Films Shorts Volume I DVD:
2010 Collection includes our first 5 original Short Films and one Bonus Short including A3F honorable mention "Down and Out" and Phoenix Comicon official selection "The Family that Decays Together...". Special Features include gag reels and behind the scenes slideshows and films.
DreamStalker Films Shorts Volume II DVD:
2014 Collection includes 7 Short Films and one Bonus Short including Phoenix Comicon official selections "Laptops' Revenge, "The Con", and "Tea Time". Special Features include gag reels and behind the scenes slideshows for each film.

12042123_10207118584780326_2034742629_nViking "Helmet" - This adult-sized viking hat was hand-knitted and donated by Cheryl Doebler of Simply Sanity Creations. The cap is made of machine-washable acrylic yarn. *Note: the picture is of a prototype design that is not the same item that will be available at #Satyrthon. The artist has improved the design and the horns will be placed higher on the "helmet".

il_570xN.260346597Silk Tie - This hand-painted silk tie comes to us from Melissa McCollum with Tangible Daydreams. The tie is 100% charmeuse silk painted with setasilk dye. Due to the process, no two ties will ever be the same. We chose this one in earthy, golden hues because it is very Marius.

by Michelle McCullom

"Eris" Print - Michelle McCollum of Amusing Possibilities sketched this drawing of "Eris" based on the deity's appearance in WILD CARD (Etudes in C#, No. 1). It is colored pencil on paper. The image has been scanned and printed for raffle at #Satyrthon. Some of you might recognize this as the header art for the UNVEILED Kickstarter in 2014. It also has the honor of being my first piece of fan art AND my favorite representation of Eris....EVER.





Each of these items will have a cup representing it. If you want one (or all) of them, purchase raffle tickets and stuff the cups! Tickets are $1 each and must have your name on the back. YOU MUST BE PRESENT AT THE TIME OF THE DRAWING TO WIN.

Question Block

The Chaos Raffle

There will be an additional cup for the raffle. As we've mentioned, there will also be a silent auction with some higher-value items available. Should any of the non-reserve items from the auction turn up without a bid--or raffle items receive no tickets--they will become part of the Chaos Cup raffle. Throughout the night, brave souls may place their raffle tickets into the Chaos Cup. At 9:30 pm, when the auction is ended, we will see if there are any items in the Chaos Cup. Tickets already placed in the Chaos Cup may not be removed, but more can be added. There is no guarantee that any items will be left from the auction. That's the gamble you take. If there are multiple, non-reserve items left after the silent auction, those will be raffled off, but the winner will not get to choose her/his prize.

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

Yes We Cat 2Greetings, programs! As of this writing the Kickstarter to fund UNINVITED has raised just under $3300 of the $8500 we need. With just 9 days left, it's time to dig deep. I've got a huge list of announcements for you. So let's get started!

First of all, there's a new reward tier! Back UNINVITED at the $100 level and you'll receive a DRM-free digital copy AND an autographed print edition of the book, the limited edition Marius poker chip, all four button designs, AND a customized deck of playing cards with your choice of Cat Sharp book cover. And, like all reward tiers, you'll have my eternal thanks and your name in the acknowledgments.

12042038_10153288097348198_245666651_n some of you know, we're going to have a benefit concert on Friday, September 25. Phoenix-based geek folk trio Open Beta have graciously agreed to put on a show at Gotham City Comics in Mesa, AZ. (If you're not aware of this, now you are and you have plans. I will see you there, right?) If you can't teleport to Mesa, never fear! We will have 2 Periscope feeds running so you can watch the whole night of music, merriment and fun. (Links will go live on my Twitter, Facebook and this website on Friday. So watch this space and #Satyrthon for information!) If you'll be at home, you can chat live on Facebook or Twitter or Periscope. Have questions about the books? Want to know something about the Kickstarter? Did you really dig the song the band just played? We want to hear you! So be sure to hang out in the Periscope chat (mobile app users only) or use the #Satyrthon hashtag to be part of the action.

SATE 2One of the things we're doing Friday night will be a silent auction and a raffle. At this time only those people who are present at Gotham City Comics are eligible to win prizes or bid on items. (So, that means you need to make friends with someone in Phoenix and send them to the gig as your proxy. That's totally legit!)

Silent Auction rules: You must write down your bid on the item. Keep checking because someone else might outbid you. The auction will run from 8pm until 9:30pm at which point the winners will be determined and notified. YOU MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN. Payment is due at 9:30pm in cash or via card.

Any items that do not receive any bids will go into the Chaos Raffle (see below).

Raffle Rules: A separate list of items will be available to win via raffle. Each item will have a cup associated with it. Buy a ticket ($1/ticket) and drop it in the cup. It's that simple. You can totally stuff the cup to up your chances of winning! As with the auction YOU MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN. We'll hold the raffle after 9:30pm.

The Chaos Raffle: One of the cups available is the Chaos Cup. Any items that do not receive bids in the silent auction will be available to those brave souls who take a risk on the Chaos Cup. We'll draw winners for as many items as fit this criteria. That could be 0. That could be 6. Drop your raffle tickets into the Chaos Cup for a chance to get some truly amazing, one of a kind swag. If multiple items are eligible, you do not get to choose your prize. Hence, Chaos. (Welcome to Cat Sharp's world.) YOU MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN. We'll hold this raffle last.


I'll be posting information on the Silent Auction and Raffle items throughout the week so watch this space. We have original artwork, jewelry, t-shirts and more. It's going to be amazing.

And finally, it brings me great pleasure to announce that we have a very special guest emcee for #Satyrthon. If you were at Phoenix Comic Con you probably saw this very dapper gent making his way among the masses. He's cool. He's suave. He likes to fondue. He's IRON MAN.

Costume by Lejon Johnson

So it's going to be a great night. Please spread the word, join in the event and follow us on Twitter! *wipes brow* Whew! That was a lot!

If you haven't backed the Kickstarter already, please hit up that link and give what you can. I need to give you this book. It's so freaking good. It's by far my favorite of the Cat arc so far.


UPDATE: One more thing! I'm hanging out with Trillian Anderson today. Interview where we talk about books, tropes and Kickstarter. Check it out!