Wild Card

News and An Update on a Known Issue

tumblr_m8ytqsPpGs1rnudxpAs devoted readers of this blog will know, recently the rights to my debut novel WILD CARD--the first book in the Cat Sharp series--reverted to me. I have self-published WILD CARD with a spanking new cover. You guys wanted a print version of WILD CARD and guess what... IT'S HERE!! You can buy it directly from CreateSpace. Amazon will be carrying it within the next few days as well. So I'm very excited that this is finally a thing.

That being said, I've found a small bug in the new WILD CARD system that I wanted to address.

69519aa6ed600219575fb8b9f0dd1375It has to my attention that readers who purchased the digital edition of WILD CARD from Entangled Publishing can no longer access the file on the respective cloud.

Let me explain...

...so let's say that Eric has an iPad and that last year he bought WILD CARD. He read it and loved it on his iPad. Now let's say that Eric, just yesterday, purchased a new iPhone and wanted to load WILD CARD onto this new device and enjoy it that way, too. PROBLEM: He can't.

When Entangled removed WILD CARD from points of sale, that file was also removed from the cloud. While the ebook remains on the digital device of choice, if you lose that device or file, it cannot be re-downloaded. You would have to buy the new edition.


At this stage of the game, I know this to be true for iTunes and Kindle users. I don't have a Nook or Kobo access, but I'm going to say that this problem persists across all digital platforms. It's not my fault, nor is it the fault of Entangled Publishing. As far as I'm aware, this is a flaw in the nature of digital content.

So, what am I able to do about it? Nothing. I'm very sorry to those who encounter this glitch, but there isn't anything I can do to change it.

HOWEVER, what I can do is this:

There's a groovy thing on Amazon/Kindle where if you, my dear reader, purchase the paperback version of a book, I can set a "match" price for you to get the ebook at a discounted rate. From now until June 1, I will make WILD CARD's match price "free". So if you buy the paperback edition, you can download the ebook at no extra cost.

After June 1, the match price will go up to $0.99 just like the sequel UNVEILED.

Again, I'm sorry if you run up against this bug in the system. Please consider picking up the paperback copy of WILD CARD and grabbing the free digital copy while you can. Thanks for hanging with me on this, gang. You are all stardust.


WILD CARD Needs You!

capwantsyouSo if you saw yesterday's post you know that WILD CARD is being re-released under my personal publishing imprint, Pajamazon Wordworks. And as of this post, the digital version is available on Kobo, Nook, Tolino, Kindle, and iTunes. Scribd and Page Foundry are also processing. The appropriate links are here and I'll update them as they go live. The print version is still being handled by CreateSpace and will hopefully be available for purchase on Amazon and CreateSpace's store next week. I'll keep you updated. But there's a slight hitch to this awesomeness. When the former publisher pulled the book from sale, the individual pages on Barnes & Noble, Amazon, the iTunes store and such all disappeared along with all of your amazing reviews for the book. A lot of you have asked what you can do to make this rock? And I've got something. Well a couple of somethings, really.

I need you to leave a review. If you did before, thank you, but that review is gone. WILD CARD had a lot of amazing reviews and a great rating on Amazon, but now those figures are gone and we have to start from scratch. If you've read WILD CARD, please go to Amazon or Barnes & Noble and leave a review for the new book. We need to repopulate the page with good news for people to come see when they're checking out this series.

A note about Goodreads:

The Goodreads page for WILD CARD remains. Those can't be deleted, so all of the reviews are still there. I've uploaded new pages for the new editions (complete with the new cover), but all versions of the book are connected to each other. So don't freak out if you see the old cover. It's how Goodreads operates.

156668_904501734350_23926315_46140912_2784615_nAnd please, as always, spread the word. Tell your friends, bang the drum and share the C# Universe with people who otherwise haven't met Cat, Marius, Flynn and the rest of this cast.

If you've been waiting to pick up UNVEILED until WILD CARD came back into the world, here's your chance. (And for those holding out for print, it will be very soon.) Thank you all for your amazing support throughout this whole crazy process. I've got the best fans in the world. We are mighty.


tumblr_lq1eqiCcil1qdwjb5o1_250At the UNVEILED launch party, I was asked when WILD CARD would see a print edition. This led to a brief discussion of my arrangement with Entangled Publishing. You can see that conversation in the questions here. As I've said time and again, I am nothing but thankful to Entangled Publishing for what they did for WILD CARD. However, after a few too many miscommunications and issues with them, the publisher and I are severing ties. The process began in December, and as of January 19th, the rights to WILD CARD have reverted to me.

Some of you were keen observers and noticed that WILD CARD disappeared from every possible sales outlet back then. You asked me about it publicly and privately, and I had to keep mum on the matter. And that sucked. I hated not being able to tell you guys, especially when asked point blank. It felt like I was lying to you in an odd way.

You might be wondering why it took so long to write this post. The answer to that is simple:  Because contracts are sticky things. And that's all I can really say on the matter publicly.

Now, rights reversion isn't something everyone typically talks about around the water cooler or dinner table, so a lot of you are probably curious about what this means in real terms? Here's a quick and dirty rundown. (If you have any questions that aren't addressed here, please, by all means, ask them in the comments and I'll respond if I am able.)

  1. tumblr_lq1eqiCcil1qdwjb5o6_r2_250WILD CARD's disappearance from the world is temporary. As Entangled no longer has rights to do so, they have stopped selling the book across all formats. The links on Kobo, B&N, Amazon and iTunes have all been taken down and it is, as of this post, not available for purchase.
  2. Entangled's rights to Wild Card included print, digital, audio, translation and film. Now that all of those rights have returned to me, I am in control of all of the above. (So anyone interested in producing a Cat Sharp film, RPG, or graphic novel should give my agent, Jennie Goloboy, a call.)
  3. Yes, I am going to self-publish Wild Card. I've been working on the formatting and grunt work of making that happen over the past few months while we've been struggling with the former publisher. A print version will be available via Amazon/Createspace for those interested in such a thing, but at present there are no plans to have it in stores with its sibling UNVEILED. (Why? Frankly, I don't have the bandwidth or resources to make that happen right now. I've got a lot of other projects demanding my time, energy and money. Another Kickstarter is just not something I can produce at the present time.) I do, however, hope to have print copies available for purchase at both Phoenix Comic Con and CONvergence.
  4. The cover art WILL change. The original cover image belongs to Entangled. The amazing artist who did the cover for UNVEILED last year, Nathalia Suellen, has already created a new cover for WILD CARD. In fact, you can see it below.


None of this crazy back and forth is what I wanted for Cat, Marius, Flynn and the stories in that world. But it's what I've got. Gotta make the best of it and tell you the stories in the ways that are available to me. As long as there are people who want to know what comes next, I'll keep working at making them.

As an aside, I cannot begin to express my gratitude to the ladies of Red Sofa Literary, Jennie Goloboy and Dawn Frederick. Seriously, navigating this insane quagmire without these agents would be incredibly difficult, confusing and disheartening. Authors wondering if they should spend the time looking for an agent? Situations like *this* are precisely why you want someone in your corner. I could not have done this without them.

So yeah, this is weird. Feels like going tightrope walking without a net, because I no longer have a publisher backing my novels.

It's good news, though. It's terrifying. It's exhilarating. It's what's best for me and my work.

We'll figure it out. Any questions?


PS: And yes, this is one of the big bits of news I've been sitting on since December. 

UPDATE: 4/27/15, 4PM AZ time - WILD CARD is available again! The print version will take another week to go live, but the digital version is available on Kobo, Nook and Amazon. iTunes to follow in the next few days as it populates on the site. But it's live, baby!