I'm Back!

tumblr_ml7eh6kpwM1r5s8qlo1_250Hullo, doves! I'm writing to you on this, the first day of school! My daughter started 4th grade today and I'm still trying to figure that out! I understand that this means I have the house to myself again and that's awesome, right? So what did I do this morning? Plucked my eyebrows and binge-watched British tele on YouTube. Fucking glamorous! But this means I have more time to write, tweet and keep tabs with you delightful people.

The summer has been good. I'll be getting the next round of edits for UNVEILED any day now. I've spoken with Nathalia Suellen, the glorious artist who will be doing the cover art for UNVEILED, and I'm very excited to see what she comes up with. Reviews for TWO HUNDRED TWENTY-ONE BAKER STREETS are coming in and so far everyone has glorious things to say about not just the anthology but also my story in it: "A Scandal in Hobohemia".

The next few months are going to be exciting with BAKER STREETS and UNVEILED launching into the world. On top of that, I'm working on a new project. This one is a departure from my usual urban fantasy or carniepunk joy, and yet, it is still totally ME.  Speculative fiction/alternate history.  I've been doing research and development work on it for the past three weeks and have more than 30 pages of notes AND a cork board full of post-its. My research has had me looking into the Bay of Pigs invasion, the Cuban Missile Crisis, NASA and Snow White. I'm not ready to reveal all the details about it, this new project has obsessed me. My husband is a tolerant, wonderful man. Anyway, I've put together a loose synopsis of the project and am just about ready to "break ground" and open up the word file. I'm hoping that between this and all the other projects on the table, I'll have a complete rough draft by Christmas.

Also hoping to have some good news for you on a few different fronts soon. So, stay tuned.

OH! I saw Guardians of the Galaxy this weekend. SO GOOD!!! See it in the theater if you can. It's so worth it. I might to do a full on review sometime soon, but I don't know that I want to. Honestly, GoTG was the epitome of what going to the movies is supposed to be. Funny writing, convincing and engaging characters, glorious cinematics and more than a few badass moments. Oh, and the soundtrack/score are phenomenal. SEE IT! As an aside, I want Gamora's hair. My daughter's clear favorite was Groot. She's been going around saying, "I am Groot."

Alright, this is enough for today. I've got to get back to work on the WiP.



Thank you for hanging around, guys.  More soon.



Announcement: My Shingle Is Out

grammar policeHappy Friday! If you've been paying attention this week, you've seen me teasing an announcement for today. Well, wait no more. As of today, I'm officially working as a freelance editor. That's right, you can hire me to critique and edit your manuscript. Allow me to address some concerns or questions you may have:

But, Jamie, does this mean you're going to stop writing and I'll never know what happens with Cat, Marius, Flynn and all those other awesome characters I love?? 

Fear not, my dove. I'm still writing, albeit at a slower (ie not breakneck) pace than previously. I've been working on C# at a blistering rate for the past two years and need to cool down a bit. And yes, I'm still writing for anthologies and working on a new project, but without a rush on it. But rest assured, you will read the entirety of Cat Sharp's story one way or another.

Come on, everyone knows that editors are just writers who suck. "those who can't do..." and all that.

Fuck that noise. Next?

Will you give my manuscript to your agent/editor/publisher? 

In short, no. Working with me does not guarantee you audience with any publishing professional other than me, myself and I.

Are you just doing this to steal my idea? 

*snort* No. I bribed your NSA agent for that.

Why should I hire you and not some other editor? In fact, why should I hire an editor at all?

Short answer: You need one. Everyone with hopes of putting their words out in the world needs one. No one can be 100% objective with their own work. At some point, you will need another pair of eyes on your manuscript. Why me specifically? Because I'm good at what I do. I've been beta reading and critiquing for a while now and, if I may take a moment to speak highly of myself, I am an excellent sounding board. I can help you massage your words and draw out the potential. The best part is that I come at every project with the mind of an author, a reader and an editor. We can talk about craft in no uncertain terms, terms your average beta reader might not be able to articulate. We can sand off the rough edges and polish your prose until it has a mirror shine. All while maintaining your authentic voice.  My strongest suit is critique and developmental edit. I'm also good at proofing final manuscripts.


For full details of what I offer, you can go to the new page on this site devoted to my editorial leanings.

ALSO... (yes, I have more news to share with you), I have the honor of being included in an upcoming anthology called Freaks and Weeping Children. Along with other talents such as Kristin Sullivan, Delilah S. Dawson, Karina Cooper and DB Starler, we are all hoping to bring you creeptastic cross-genre fiction. And we're asking you--yes YOU--to help us make this anthology become even more awesome. There's a Kickstarter page where you can donate and get your paws on some exclusive material. Also, if you donate at the $80 level, you can be a character in the anthology. That's right. Immortality is on sale for $80.  Please take a look and share the link with friends.

phxcc14And finally today, I'm pleased to tell you that I'm officially one of the cool kids attending Phoenix Comic Con. We knew that already, but yesterday I got my very own announcement picture and everything. *beams* And I'm on the main site! Under Phil Plait, even!!! DUDE!

So yeah, that's what's going on. I know some of you were *really* hoping for some news on Book 2 and when you can read the next installment of Cat Sharp's story. Believe me, no one wants to know the answer to that question more than I do. Still waiting and when I can tell you I will shout it from the sky.

Thanks to everyone who came out and played over at the Bitten By Books event this week. We had a good time and I hope to do something like that again soon. There's still time to enter the contest for an Amazon Gift Card and some poker chips. If, for some reason, you don't want to try for the free poker chips you can buy them directly from me here.

You guys are all rock awesome. Thanks for sticking with me and supporting everything I do. 2014 is going to be a busy, hella fun year.


Elementary, Dear Reader Monday morning, friends and lovelies. I've got a splendiforous announcement today that I've been sitting on for a bit. But now that ink and paper have met, and contracts have gone back and forth over the Atlantic, I can finally tell you all the good news.  An as-yet-untitled short story of mine will be appearing in Abbadon Books' upcoming anthology "Two Hundred and Twenty-One Baker Streets". 

colbert high five From the Abbadon catalog:

The world’s most famous detective, as you’ve never seen him before!

A dozen established and up-and-coming authors invite you to view Doyle’s greatest creation through a decidedly cracked lens.

Read about Holmes and Watson through time and space, as they tackle a witch-trial in seventeenth-century Scotland, bandy words with Andy Warhol in 1970s New York, travel the Wild Frontier in the Old West, solve future crimes in a world of robots and even cross paths with a young Elvis Presley...

Set to include stories by Kasey Lansdale, Guy Adams, Jamie Wyman, J E Cohen, Gini Koch, Glen Mehn, Kelly Hale, Kaaron Warren, Emma Newman and more.

ISBN: 978-1-78108-221-8 Size: 129 x 198 mm Page count: 384 (tbc) Category: Anthologies/Science Fiction/Fiction Format: B-Format Paperback Price: £7.99

 I'm very excited to be working with editor David Thomas Moore, and can't wait to read the other stories being cooked up by these exceptional authors.

While You Were Sleeping

anigif_enhanced-buzz-8665-1366303778-9 I have to start this post by giving a birthday shout out to my lovely friend Alicia. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LADY! May your hips be spicy, your grooves be smooth and may your palm flames never burn you! With Chris Pine and Otters for all. Amen.

So, this weekend was eventful!

First of all, Friday saw the digital release of WHEN THE HERO COMES HOME 2, an anthology from Dragon Moon Press. One of my stories, "The Clever One", makes an appearance in this anthology along with a cadre of stellar tales. The epub and kindle versions are available right here on my site, and the print version will be out sometime next month. Guys, I'm pretty stoked about this project. Swing on over, pick it up and love it. (And if you'd like, you can leave a review on Goodreads.)

Speaking of Goodreads, I now have an officially official author page over there. As we get closer to the release of TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES, more content will be going up there.

Things are clicking along and November gets closer and closer. I'm freaking ecstatic and can't wait. *bouncy pajamazon*

So yeah. The anthology is out. Pick it up, if you please. And swing over to Goodreads!

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend. Here's to a great week.

Cover Love!

So, as some of you know, I not only have a novel coming out in a couple of months, but I'm also celebrating a short story publication soon. My short story "The Clever One" will appear in Dragon Moon Press's WHEN THE HERO COMES HOME 2 (edited by Gabrielle Harbowy and Ed Greenwood). You can find the full table of contents here. Well, today Gabrielle posted the lovely cover to the anthology. *bounceful squeetastic noises* My name isn't on it, but hot damn, this is the cover of my first published work and I'm fucking stoked. Mad props go to Jeremy McHugh for the artwork (concept by Scott Purdy).

Hero2Cover art by Jeremy McHugh concept by Scott Purdy


So yeah. This book doesn't have a solid release date, but is slated for sometime next month. Watch this space for details on where you can get your hands on this spectacular collection of stories.