Three Years Later

UNINVITED is finally here! I've been waiting for today for 3 years, guys! Three. Years! And it's today! You can finally read this book I'm so proud of!

You can buy paperbacks via Amazon, Barnes & Noble and Createspace. Digital copies are available on my website, Amazon, B&N, iTunes, Kobo and more. (The audio books for books 2 and 3 will be late, and I'm sorry.) 

Thank you all so much for your support!

Share this good news with friends. Also, in celebration, Wild Card and Unveiled (books 1 and 2 of the series) are on sale for just 99 cents each on my website. And, if you go to All Things Urban Fantasy, there's a contest to win digital copies of all the books. So check it out and help me make this book soar! <3

Alma Matters

Alma Matters

So, something really awesome happened this week. Part of me wants to keep it close to the chest and privately bask in it. But at the same time....damn, this was a super cool thing, a simple joy. And shared joy is doubled. So I'm going to tell you about it. 

But before I tell you that story, I have to tell you this one. 

In The Presence of Royalty

Tom-Hiddleston-tom-hiddleston-32154325-436-643This is just a quick post to celebrate yet another first in my writing career. I got my first royalty check! 

You might be wondering, "But Jamie, why is this a thing? You've been paid for writing before." (And I will be again, that's the beauty of it.) Here's a quick explanation of royalties in the first place. When you traditionally publish a book, most of the time you get an advance. This is a sum of money the publisher pays you up front for the rights to publish and make money from your book. In some ways it's a bet they are placing on you. Now, when you receive an advance, you don't get paid for your book right away. You have to wait until your book sells enough copies that the publisher makes back the money they gave you. This is known as "earning out your advance". THEN you start getting paid for any sales after that point. 

So, why is my first royalty check a big deal?

Because it means I've earned out my advance. *shakes it* It also means that from here on out any and all sales of WILD CARD end up putting a little jingle in my pocket. 

And, on a more personal note, it means that (barring outside interference, acts of gods or an implosion of the global economy) I will have a quasi-regular income. While the number of that income could be next to nothing, the fact still remains that it is there. I haven't had a regular paycheck in almost 9 years. (Since my daughter was born and I made the choice to stay home full-time with her.) Sure, royalties aren't secure and I can't budget with them in mind, but it's something that I can contribute to my family.

And that is pretty damn awesome. Also, it means my agent got paid a bit, too. I like knowing that Jennie gets paid.

So yeah. WOOT!



PS: If any of you were waiting for some reason to pick up WILD CARD, now would be a great time! *smooch*