Hrm. Something's Missing

So, some of you might have noticed that today I'm not squeeing with new book release loudness. My novella "The Case of the Tattooed Bride" was due to come out today, however, I was informed last week that the book's release will be pushed back a few weeks. When I get an actual date, I'll let you know. Soon, poppets. Soon.

So, in order to whet your appetite for some glorious carniepunk goodness, I thought I'd share some of my weekend reconnaissance with you. Last week I traveled to Indiana to visit my family. While there, my aunt drove us around Peru--a small town in northern Indiana where 5 circuses made their winter berth back in the early 20th century. And it happens to be where I set the events of "The Case of the Tattooed Bride". There is a small museum there, and while the office itself was closed when we arrived, the grounds and surrounding rural areas were full of history.

My aunt was full of stories about certain buildings, or people she met who'd shared their experiences.

Here are some of the pictures I took while out and about in the area. It was very nice to see that these places have remained mostly untouched since the era of my novella. I can very easily imagine my characters walking around. In fact, I freaked out a little because one thing in particular looked like it walked out of my mind and into the world. Loved getting to go see all of this.

The plaque at the museum marking the area as a national park.

The grounds of the museum. Several barns and outbuildings, though I don't know what was in them all. I do know that giraffes were kept in some of these in the heyday.

Cat ring and aerials

Caboose 2


This barn was falling apart. It's where elephants were housed.

Not on the museum grounds, but nearby...this field was another where circuses made berth. In the back you can see the abandoned stalls for cars/wagons etc to be stowed for the winter.

Not part of the museum, but nearby... another stock barn for circus animals.  My aunt said there was another like this one that had to be torn down. It had housed big cats, and when they tore it down, they found claw marks in the walls.

So, I'm sorry that the book isn't out today for you to enjoy. I'm super excited to share that story with you and quite proud of that work. When I get a new release date, I will let you know. Stay tuned.

OH! And don't forget, I'm writing Flash Fic on Thursday to be released on Friday. If you want to read it early and have a hand in choosing what I write, please check out the Patreon page.