Midterm Victories

Midterm Victories

For those of you feeling discouraged, or lamenting that it didn't look like a Blue Wave, pause a moment. Breathe. We didn't win (or haven't yet concluded) the "sexy" races. O'Rourke/Cruz, Kemp/Abrams, DeSantis/Gillum... but so many good things happened last night. Look at these victories. Let this be confirmation that your work mattered, and your vote mattered. Your vote still matters. Change is happening. Keep up the amazing work, y'all.


tumblr_lq1eqiCcil1qdwjb5o1_250At the UNVEILED launch party, I was asked when WILD CARD would see a print edition. This led to a brief discussion of my arrangement with Entangled Publishing. You can see that conversation in the questions here. As I've said time and again, I am nothing but thankful to Entangled Publishing for what they did for WILD CARD. However, after a few too many miscommunications and issues with them, the publisher and I are severing ties. The process began in December, and as of January 19th, the rights to WILD CARD have reverted to me.

Some of you were keen observers and noticed that WILD CARD disappeared from every possible sales outlet back then. You asked me about it publicly and privately, and I had to keep mum on the matter. And that sucked. I hated not being able to tell you guys, especially when asked point blank. It felt like I was lying to you in an odd way.

You might be wondering why it took so long to write this post. The answer to that is simple:  Because contracts are sticky things. And that's all I can really say on the matter publicly.

Now, rights reversion isn't something everyone typically talks about around the water cooler or dinner table, so a lot of you are probably curious about what this means in real terms? Here's a quick and dirty rundown. (If you have any questions that aren't addressed here, please, by all means, ask them in the comments and I'll respond if I am able.)

  1. tumblr_lq1eqiCcil1qdwjb5o6_r2_250WILD CARD's disappearance from the world is temporary. As Entangled no longer has rights to do so, they have stopped selling the book across all formats. The links on Kobo, B&N, Amazon and iTunes have all been taken down and it is, as of this post, not available for purchase.
  2. Entangled's rights to Wild Card included print, digital, audio, translation and film. Now that all of those rights have returned to me, I am in control of all of the above. (So anyone interested in producing a Cat Sharp film, RPG, or graphic novel should give my agent, Jennie Goloboy, a call.)
  3. Yes, I am going to self-publish Wild Card. I've been working on the formatting and grunt work of making that happen over the past few months while we've been struggling with the former publisher. A print version will be available via Amazon/Createspace for those interested in such a thing, but at present there are no plans to have it in stores with its sibling UNVEILED. (Why? Frankly, I don't have the bandwidth or resources to make that happen right now. I've got a lot of other projects demanding my time, energy and money. Another Kickstarter is just not something I can produce at the present time.) I do, however, hope to have print copies available for purchase at both Phoenix Comic Con and CONvergence.
  4. The cover art WILL change. The original cover image belongs to Entangled. The amazing artist who did the cover for UNVEILED last year, Nathalia Suellen, has already created a new cover for WILD CARD. In fact, you can see it below.


None of this crazy back and forth is what I wanted for Cat, Marius, Flynn and the stories in that world. But it's what I've got. Gotta make the best of it and tell you the stories in the ways that are available to me. As long as there are people who want to know what comes next, I'll keep working at making them.

As an aside, I cannot begin to express my gratitude to the ladies of Red Sofa Literary, Jennie Goloboy and Dawn Frederick. Seriously, navigating this insane quagmire without these agents would be incredibly difficult, confusing and disheartening. Authors wondering if they should spend the time looking for an agent? Situations like *this* are precisely why you want someone in your corner. I could not have done this without them.

So yeah, this is weird. Feels like going tightrope walking without a net, because I no longer have a publisher backing my novels.

It's good news, though. It's terrifying. It's exhilarating. It's what's best for me and my work.

We'll figure it out. Any questions?


PS: And yes, this is one of the big bits of news I've been sitting on since December. 

UPDATE: 4/27/15, 4PM AZ time - WILD CARD is available again! The print version will take another week to go live, but the digital version is available on Kobo, Nook and Amazon. iTunes to follow in the next few days as it populates on the site. But it's live, baby!

Seeing Stars

tumblr_mcxdo07n7l1qdmdiio2_400_zps8712b79fSo I'm in this really weird place right now. (Metaphorically speaking, that is. Geographically...well, Mesa is no weirder than any place else, right? Don't answer that.) Anyway, last week was pretty kick ass. My daughter turned 8. We had the best Halloween in years. There was the big coming out party for WILD CARD. We revealed the cover. The book is now live and available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and iTunes. (I'm on goddamn iTunes! How the fuck did that happen?) The book is seeing action on Goodreads thanks to the fact that there are a few galleys floating around. (In fact, as of this posting there are still a few review copies available for book bloggers/professional readers to snatch up. Details here.) Over the weekend, the book even got its first ever online review. Five stars, btw. My mind went splodey when I saw that. Anyway, this....? This is awesomesauce is what it is. My book is sorta out there. Think of it like limited release. And already there's feedback coming in, and I can see it and I'm trying not to look, but it's there and it's got me on pins and damn needles.

But it's WEIRD!

You know that feeling you get sometimes when you think someone is talking about you? That whole, "are your ears burning" wives' tale? Yeah, it's like that. I'm sitting here doing my own thing with family, cuddling my sick kiddo or playing Fluxx with her....and I get this nagging feeling like I've forgotten to turn off the stove or check for an important text.

Plus there's that whole thing about me being able to search myself on iTunes. *shakes head* I have an Amazon ranking, people. If that's not fucked up, I dont' know what is.


Anyway, there's a ton going on right now. Getting ready for a blog tour, working on Book 3. Another couple of short/small projects are on the burners. There's one thing in particular that I'm waiting to get the accept/reject notice on. Any minute now. On edge about that one. (That never changes, folks.)

Not to mention that November is hellaciously busy on a real-life level. Weekends are filled with weddings, or birthday parties for the passel of kidlings that were all born this month 8 years ago. Oh, and my dad and step-mom are coming to town. *happy dance* Seriously? Stoked about this. Haven't seen them in too long. Plus they'll be here the weekend just before release day. I get to celebrate with them! \o/ Woot! And there's other stuff that I can't divulge at present. (So yeah, that should answer any questions you might have had about me doing NaNoWriMo this year. I'm not. To those of you who are...good luck. I salute you.)

Life is badass. It's freaky. It's awesome. It's fast. It's hovering.

So yeah. This blog has been getting away from me while I work.

I just have to say something, though...

Thank you. Right now above all things I'm overwhelmed with a sense of gratitude. Seriously, to those who've pre-ordered already, or marked it to-read on your Goodreads, or sent me good vibes or helped spread the word: from the bottom of every cockle of my dark little heart: THANK YOU.


Nerdmaste, y'all.

A Word From Our Sponsor

 artwork by Skottie Young Real life makes for crazy times, I tell ya. I haven't been blogging much because I haven't had much to say. Okay, that's not entirely true. I've had plenty to say, but there are times when you just don't want to spew negativity, invite drama or spend every waking minute of your online life kvetching about one thing when your life is pretty awesome. 2013 started off by behaving like an unruly teenager. You see, we rent our house, my husband and I. And as of the end of this month, our lease is up. Well, we have to give notice of staying or leaving on New Year's Day, but that usually comes in the form of paperwork we fill out in December. New Year's Eve came along and we still hadn't received that paperwork. So, I got a little panicked that we would be scrambling to find a new place, pack, move and that made Jamie more than a little... um... crazy? Long story short (too late): We're all good. Staying where we are for another year. Woo.

There's also an issue with transportation. Oh, my car is fine. It's the other car. For the past 9 months or so we've been using my late sister-in-law's car. Well, last month, the registration expired. We found out that the car is still in her name and the DMV wants an asston of paperwork to get that fixed. Almost there! So the husband has taken my car to get to work (you know, since he has a real job and not one where he sits at a computer talking to imaginary people and the Internet all day), and that means the kiddo and I had to walk/take the city bus to get her to school.  I lasted all of a week. For one thing, the walk has been brutal on my back. I've been in more pain this past week than I've been in a very long time and I'd rather not put myself back into the hospital. Also? It's Phoenix, but our lows right now are in the 20s. That's the temperature we'd be walking in. I can suck it up and whine about it later, but that's not okay for my 7 year old, ya know? Not cool with that. We ran through many letters of the alphabet before finally concocting a plan that works for all involved and doesn't require her to be out in 20 degree temperatures for an hour to get to school. Yay!

There are good things going on, too. Don't let the above paragraphs fool you. My husband started a new job in December. It was up in the air for months as he waited for security clearances and background checks to go through, but just after Thanksgiving we got word that yes, he would be starting his new position. It's been a huge boost to his sanity and that makes for a happier family all together.

Friends are chasing dreams, finding fulfillment and welcoming their own joys. I've got a couple of irons on the fire that I can't really discuss at present. This year--dubbed by my friend Brian as The Year of Giving it A Shot--seems to be off to a good start. Albeit frustrating at times.

So yeah. How the hell have you been?

525,600 Minutes

2011 has only a few hours left to it. As is tradition, I'm going to a party tonight with my Ohana. This is the same party where Sean and I became "us". Seven years ago tonight we both took a chance on one another and here we are. Every year we go and kiss at midnight to honor our anniversary. Another tradition at this party is the Year In Review. We started this seven years ago, too. Every year we sit around the fire pits with our nearest and dearest, start with January and go around the circle. We recount the good that happened in the year month by month.This year is weird. Good things happened. Bad things happened. Life changed irrevocably. People got married. Babies were born and conceived after much heartache of trying. A woman left this earth. A family came together. I wrote a novella, several short stories and the first novel in a new series. I lost something I thought I wanted/needed only to find that the loss was the best thing that could've happened. I lost an uncle. I almost lost my grandmother but had the chance to see her...and she made it through. I lost my sister the day after we started to mend fences. A friend beat cancer for the second and third times in his life proving once again that we haven't found all of the horcruxes. Tribe Ohana grew and got its own website. The tooth fairy came to my house a few times. I've made new friends and reconnected with old ones. Weird, I tell ya.

Right now, it's work to come up with good things for the year in review because everything is clouded with the fact that Nicki isn't here to add her voice. I'm tired. Even though it's only a Saturday turning into a Sunday, there's something about changing the calendar that refreshes me. On one side of midnight is an old skin I'm more than ready to slough off and leave behind. On the other is the promise of something new, undiscovered and full of possibility. I'm ready for 2011 to be over and done. I'm ready for what the future brings. I'm ready to hit the reset button.

In 2012 I will reconnect with myself. I won't let the love from October/November dissipate into apathy like it once did. I will get a new tattoo. I will write more stories. I'm going to keep querying on Etudes in C#, write more books of that series. I will write more short stories and send them to lit mags for publication. I will spin poi. Maybe I'll even spin fire again. I don't know when, though. I'm not ready to do that without Nicki yet. I'm going to vote. I'm going to read books, see movies and live music and sit around a fire drumming until my hands go numb. I'm going to laugh and cry. I'm going to play games and go to at least one Comic Con. I'm going to hold newborns and then gratefully pass them back to their parents. I'm going to read with my daughter and cuddle her and watch her grow. I'm going to snuggle the hell out of my husband. I'm going to live, love and laugh.

These aren't resolutions. They aren't plans. They're life. It happens.

2011, it's time to part ways. 2012...let's rock.

Have a safe and happy new year everyone.