house hunting

This House Is Really, Really Great.... An Update

So, as some of you know, last week I went to see a house with some friends that was quite...interesting. I posted a video blog about it, so watch it: yeah. That happened. Well, I have an update on this house.

First of all, we found out that a good portion of the house was built as an addition...illegally. The permits were never completed, so the additions are a crapshoot. The wiring could be faulty. The construction shoddy. Hell, they may have just built on top of the 3 inch patio slab rather than a true foundation.

So there's that.

ovenAlso, the stove that had my buddy Brian drooling and touching himself inappropriately? Well, it apparently came from a strip joint that closed shop. Yes. You, too, can use the same burners that were used to cook poor quality, over-priced morsels that men ate while watching naked women gyrate against a greasy pole. That's why all your omelettes taste like tears and disappointment.

The more interesting news about this house came from a colleague of Ray Dawson (the realtor). While we all think this house was used... FOR PORN... the professional analysis is that it's actually a big ol' pile of mortgage fraud. They bought the house for it's original price, right? Then they took out a loan to do the "improvements" to the house. It *looks* good and they can sell the house for some exorbitant sum and walk with cash. What ended up happening, is that they pocketed the money of the loans for the improvements and walked, letting the house fall into foreclosure. Apparently, they've moved just down the street where they're doing the same thing. Possibly. Allegedly. This is conjecture. Mostly.

So yeah, for those curious why we didn't just buy the place for it's bargain price...this is why. The walls that look like marble are plaster and that's some cheap ass shit. And it was built without proper permits. So it would probably have to come down. Oh, and there's no fence outside and homeless people have been living in the oleander bushes out back. We're still not convinced that there isn't a hellmouth on site.


Live! From the Center Ring!

Ladies and gentles, direct your attention to the center ring if you would please where our very one Wahine, the Illustrious Blue, will entertain you--no, astound you!--with her tales of daring do. Okay, so maybe I'm a little punchy this evening. The past few days have been a Convergence of All Things. This happens every so often. Everyone we know has something going on... on the same day. On opposite ends of town. Add to that one stressed out me and you've got someone who's hanging onto sanity by a tenuous thread of spider silk. And that is when running off to join the circus sounds great. Uh-oh... Ringling is coming to town this week.

No really, they are. And I'm sooooo going. Okay, I'm not going to run away to do something like play with fire all day or swing from the flying trapeze. But I will be taking my daughter to her first circus. *bouncy mom* I'm so freaking stoked. I LOVE the circus. Hell, I love circus history. I love carnies. I love it all. It's one of my favorite settings to write and researching the tradition is something of a hobby of mine. So, getting to take K to see the Big Show for the first time makes me freaking ecstatic.

Know what else makes me happy? My Life. Meet me after the jump and I'll give you a few reasons why.

First of all...Friday night. After a pretty stressful week, I got a surprise email from my mom demanding some time with her granddaughter. As it happened, we needed a sitter for a gaming session. Oh look! Serendipity! So, Friday I got to take out some of my aggression on helpless critters under the guise of a Warforged Warden named Six who wields an executioner's axe (brutal 2). (This is Dungeons and Dragons 4th ed for those of you who are going, "huh?") Sitting around a table at the house of friends...gaming...laying waste to evil doers...eating good food...petting the cats of said friends... yeah, it's a good way to spend the evening. Also a great way to let off some steam and find balance. Six reached level 4 and gets to go shopping for new magical goodies to make her even more formidable. Fear my squeaky wrath, ye villains of the Living Forgotten Realms. I will own you. And kill you. A lot.

Mom, in all her awesomeness, offered to keep K for an overnight, so Saturday morning, Sean and I went to pick up the girl and go house shopping. I have to brag about my kid for a moment. For a 5 year old, house hunting can be just about as interesting as a root canal, but K took it in stride. She is awesome. Her favorite part was testing the acoustics of each house. Being empty and mostly tiled, a good portion of the houses were excellent echo chambers. Always important to test such things. Hee...she loved one of the houses we checked out. It had a Cupboard Under The Stairs! Okay, so it was a closet. But in the back of this closet, was a little hidey hole with a light in it. Perfect for a small person to go crawl in with a book. She spent a lot of time in there and loves the idea of having her own little nook. (Alas, we're not likely to make an offer on that house.)

There is one house we looked at that Sean gave a solid A- grade. I am doing my damnedest not to fall in love with it. We've only started looking and we've still got a lease here... falling in love with a house on the first trip out shopping... yeah. Bad idea.

But yeah. Six houses... one of which smelled of old people. *shudder* We had fun. We narrowed down what we want. And we took a lunch break at Chino Bandito. Hells to the yeah. (If you live in Phoenix and haven't been to Chino, you must go. if you don't live in have to come here and go there. That's all.) So, after speeding back home to change clothes, we loaded up in the car again to take K to her gymnastics class. Sean and I went to dinner with friends who were celebrating their 18 year old daughter's last weekend at home until after Basic Training. Laughter...merriment... a bit of good Reisling. Yeah. Saturday rocked.

And today... Father's day. More awesome kiddo time. Some vegging out with Lego Harry Potter and many smiles shared with the husband.

I'm sitting here and admiring this little life of mine. For as crazy as I felt last week, tonight I am asking, "Can this get any better?"

Yup. The circus is coming to town! (And the husband brought home Thunderstone! *maniacal geek laughter*)

Hope you've all had a great weekend...especially all of the fathers/grandfathers/stepfathers/father-figures out there who make a difference in the life of a child just by being in the room.

Shine on, y'all.