Imaginary Friends

Way back in the earliest days of the Interwebz, I met people on AOL through chat rooms and stuff. Met some cool people, really. But there was this idea that people online were always out to scam you! You have no idea who these people are! They could be killers! Don't trust the people you meet online!!!! Over the past couple of decades things have changed. Yes, we are still to fear anyone using Craigslist, but on the whole, many of us interact with others solely using social media and email. There are people I've known since the 90s that I've never met in person. If I know you online, but have never physically seen you, I refer to you as my Imaginary Friend.I just need to spend a few minutes today praising those people, those staggeringly awesome figments of my over-active imagination. I can't tell you how many times I've had someone on Twitter be the first to ask me if I'm okay on a bad day, or to be there with a cyber hug. They are there to celebrate good news and help me navigate choppy waters.

And they are genuine.

I appreciate and love those who are so open and real with someone they've never met. Thank you for giving a damn and being amazing. Thank you for being my friend...even if you are a bunch of 1s and 0s. :-D


Here We Go Again

It's that day again. Last year I told you all why I'm of the mind that Valentine's Day is to be avoided like a hungry honey badger. This year, though, I'd like to do something other than spread the vitriol. First of all, I may have found a reason to like it. Thanks to the QI elves, I've learned that St. Valentine was also the patron saint of bee keeping. Fantastic! Valentine's Day doesn't have to be about commercialism and exclusion. It can be about Bee People! So here are some valentines for you to take with you, my dear readers. Examples of non-commercial love, Ohana, friendship and just my way of telling you that you rock my stripey socks. Happy Bee Day! :)

for family
for kindred souls
For troops and kids. (BTW: My friend's daughter.)
for truth
For absent friends.
For geeks
for zombies
for browncoats

Giving Thanks

So, it's that time of year here in the States where we celebrate all that we are blessed to have by being gluttonous bastards, watching football and hugging family. This year, I have much to be thankful for and couldn't begin to count my blessings.But, I'd like to take a moment to brag about my husband.

I know I often write about how awesome my daughter is and of the myriad reasons I love that munchkin, but she didn't come from no where. Her dad had a lot to do with that. Sean, my husband, is amazing. Just one little drop in the bucket as to why I love him ... this conversation from last night whilst watching the Dancing With The Stars finale.

Sean: Would you want to see Jeff Bridges on this show? Me: Is there anything I don't want to see Jeff Bridges on? Sean: (voice growing stern) Our. Bed.

We both just started cackling. He's not really the possessive type, as is evident in the fact that he humors my strange, unholy obsession with Adam Savage. For the record: yes, I do love Jeff Bridges. I'm stoked to see Tron: Legacy, I think he's an awesome actor and his voice is right up there with Morgan Freeman for bedtime stories. Hell, I've based one of my favorite characters in my book on the man! What else can I say? The dude abides.

But, for all his Flynntastic awesomeness and pretty blue eyes, Jeff Bridges doesn't hold a candle to my husband. My own personal, punslinging hobbit who puts up with my shit. He married a writer, he's a special kind of crazy.

So, this year, among the great many things I am thankful for: Sean, my husband.  My geek who got me into gaming, Babylon 5 and sci-fi/fantasy books. He keeps me warm when I am cold. He reminds me to laugh at myself when I am too serious. He's been an amazing rock of support. He celebrates my successes. He helps me through the rough spots. Anything that has come at us, we have faced together, and it's awesome to have that kind of a partner. Every day I am thankful that he is in my life.

Thank you, Sean.