Coming Soon


Happy Friday! We've made it to August, gang! Summer vacation is almost over, which means soon I'll be returning to my regular routine of writing, gym time and chai. I've been working on edits, entertaining my kiddo and helping my friend with her new baby. I've also been gearing up for next week's CopperCon in Mesa, AZ. Here's my schedule.

I'll be talking and giving my insight at these panels and hanging around the con in general.

It's worth noting that my partner in crime on the Resources panel is friend and author Michelle M Welch. She's just published her first books in 7 years and they are available now on Amazon and Smashwords. You should do yourself a favor and go check out her body of work (which I've given you links to, see? no excuses).

Also, at present it looks like I'm going solo on the Social Media panel. (Oh, the irony!) So, I promise to try to keep it on track, but it might turn into, "Using Social Media to Stalk Tom Hiddleston".

So yeah. Thanks for being patient with me and my craziness this summer. One more week!


UPDATE: 8/8/2013 - I've just been informed that I'll be doing a reading! Friday, August 9, at 4pm. Come see me in the Board Room and listen to material from TECHNICAL DIFFICULTIES.