Day After Greetings

Happy Thanksgiving to all! Yesterday saw Sean, Kiara and I going to my mother's for brunch. Watched the parade (still a band geek) and then popped in the new Star Trek movie. *sigh* Have I mentioned how much I love this movie?? I heart the writers because they did such an amazing job. And Abrams, he's awesome. The cast was gold. What more can I say??

After the movie I got to work on my famous ginger glazed carrots. Tried something new this year; rather than use ginger ALE I used ginger BEER for a sharper flavor. Noms.

Then we went to the potluck Ohana gathering at Brian and Jen's place. Thirty folks, give or take, bringing food, chairs, tables, joy and other forms of merriment. Spent a lot of time sitting outside by the firepit and talking. It was fantastic to be with my chosen family.

However, by the end of the evening my voice had dropped into the Kathleen Turner register. I've already got a low voice, but I was pretty much forced into the "easy-listening-DJ" voice. Woke up this morning and I can only whisper. Not sure if this is smoke-inhalation from being at the fire all night, my voice saying 'you talk too much!' (damn cross-classing as a bard), or if this is just a progression of the sick. Probably a combination of the three, to be honest.

This lack of pipes will make today interesting as we're gathering with a few friends for some table-top gaming. I debate rolling up a gnome rogue who is a mime just for the snark factor, but figure I should stick with the dry-erase board smartassery.*

Tomorrow, Epic Thanksgiving (games, friends, food) with more Ohana. Looking forward to getting my Rock Band on.

I've also sworn off Microsoft Word. I closed it Wednesday night before Mythbusters came on and I have promised myself that it will remain closed until Monday morning. *nods* So yeah, for those who hadn't guessed, I gave up on NaNo because I needed to work on another project. That work has been priceless and I'm really happy with that. I don't mind slacking on NaNo. I'll get back to work on that project next week.

So, yeah... friends will be arriving soon for some D&D 4th Ed. goodness... and the way my throat feels I really need a milkshake. Don't think the drive thru guy would hear me *smirk*

I hope you've all had a pleasant holiday. Stay safe and sane. Don't go out among the crazies today unless you absolutely have to. I know I won't.

*Smartassery is funny because 5 years ago I lost my voice on New Year's Eve. My friend Jeff (who will be here today) bought a dry erase board so that I could communicate with people. Mostly, I used it to swear at him in spectacular ways.