Did I Just Land The Colbert Bump?

This morning whilst taking my chai and catching up on The Daily Show, Rachel Maddow and The Colbert Report, I noticed something quite awesome. While doing a bit about sponsoring Wheat Thins, I may have been given the coveted Colbert Bump for my yet-to-be-published-or-even-picked-up-by-an-agent book, Technical Difficulties. In the tags at the bottom of the video clip I saw the title of my book! Don't believe me? Here's a screencap of my computer at that blessed moment.

So yes, dear readers. Thus begins my path to stardom and a corporate gig with Wheat Thins. Stephen, call me any time and we can talk about books, Lord of the Rings, politics or the awesomeness of Maurice Sendak.

*Stephen Colbert, ViaCom, the Colbert Report, Wheat Thins, Nabisco and any of their affiliates have not sponsored this material nor have their employees ever heard of me or my book. The picture is real, but had nothing to do with me. Just laugh with me, okay?