I need to unplug. My eyes are darting around all the time for the next text or update...even when I'm not at the computer. My brain won't slow down but continues to whir along like a processor. I can't focus on any one thing for longer than a few minutes. I wake up with headaches that won't go away. Daily. I know part of this is due to an imbalance with some medications I'm on. Most of it, though, is that I've been tethered to this machine in various stages of writing, drafting and editing for months. I need to step back. I need to turn off the damn computer.

This comes at a decent time, too. My kiddo will be home for winter break starting next week....which means little writing will get done. Book 2 is still project numero uno...but right now, I need to tend to my brain.

I will be on social media sporadically, but I don't know about blogging right now. My mind flutters from topic to topic like a hummingbird in a garden. Politics, the way the NDAA bill reminds me of seasons 3 and 4 of Babylon 5, my book series, a desire for new body art, missing my sister...  I don't want to have my blog turn into a downer.

So it's best for us if we just make like Ross and Rachel and take a break.

Feel free to email or shoot me a Tweet.

Be excellent to each other.