Fantastic Pajamazons and Where To Find Them

anigif_enhanced-buzz-10113-1385611288-2Greetings, Programs! It's convention season and I'm stoked as hell for Phoenix Comic Con and CONvergence. If you come to one of these shows we can see one another and hang out and have chai and and and! IT WILL BE SO AWESOME, my minions. AWESOME I TELL YOU! So, I've got my Phoenix Comic Con schedule! It goes a little something like this:

At any given time that isn't these I will be gallivanting around the convention spreading pink-haired joy and silliness to all who want free hugs, movie quotes and pick pocketing. I mean, um... forget that last one. *Jedi fingers*

For those who've asked:

YES, there will be copies of WILD CARD and UNVEILED available at the Mysterious Galaxy bookstore on site at the convention, however, those copies will be extremely limited in number. You can order them online right now and bring them to the con and I'll sign them, or you can hope you get one before they sell out. (Because when they sell out I won't be able to magic some into being until well after the convention is over and we'll all be sad pandas that you don't have a signed copy. No sad pandas!)

I'm told that there will be some copies of the anthologies I appear in, but again, I can't guarantee much stock there.

Also, through June 1, if you buy the paperback of WILD CARD, the re-release ebook is free on Amazon.

So yeah... Phoenix Comic Con is going to be awesome. Hopefully I'll have a schedule for CONvergence soon, too.