Fire for Fun And Profit

So, not many of my humble readers know this, but, I'm a fire artist. In 2006 I started learning the art of poi spinning. While you may be thinking of the taro root paste Hawaiians make, poi is also a Maori art form. Essentially, put a ball on the end of a string, spin in pretty patterns. Et voila! Poi spinning.

But, Nick Woolsey can show you better than I can tell you.

After 6 weeks of training and some fire safety classes, I started lighting my poi on fire. Then, I kept on learning more advanced poi techniques while performing and acting as fire safety for various troupes in the Valley. |I got to perform for the Dresden Dolls' art brigade in 2008! I even taught workshops and classes here and there. However, in the Summer of 2008, I slipped 2 discs in my lower back, pinched a nerve and  had to stop spinning for a while.

But, now....

I'm back and I'm teaching beginner's classes.

It doesn't matter if you have the coordination of a turnip; if you want to learn for exercise, for performance or for the fun of it; if you want to learn to play with fire or to just spin unlit props; if you're 10 or 50 years old - you can come to my class. Hey, already a spinner and want to stay sharp? You're welcome, too!

Right now, classes are scheduled for Sunday from 2-3pm, however if there is enough interest, I will add a second class either on Sunday afternoons or another day of the week. Due to the nature of poi spinning, we will be practicing in my back yard, so you need to dress accordingly. (Comfortable, loose clothing you can move in, but nothing too baggy.) MEN: You may want to consider wearing a cup.

We will have water, but any other beverages are BYOB.

What to bring:
-a pair of tube/athletic/knee socks
-a pair of tennis balls
-a playful attitude

What we'll be covering:
9/19 - Basics (Holding the poi, simple spins, stops/stalls, spinner speak, how to get hit and laugh about it)
9/26 - The 3 Beat Weave
10/3 - Basic Butterfly
10/10 - Butterfly Variations
10/17 - Chasing the Sun and Reels
10/24 - Catch Up and Review
10/31 - No Class
11/7 - Review and Fire Safety Training
11/14 - Review, Spin Jam and Burn*

*The burn is optional. In order to burn you MUST have been present for fire safety training AND you must have the proper clothing. Those under 18 must have parental consent for fire activities. 

Depending on how well the class progresses, we may cover additional material. I will schedule the Intermediate class at a later date.  While we will always spend some time at the beginning of class reviewing the last week's work, you are encouraged to make it to every class. If you miss a class and want to schedule a private make-up lesson, contact me and we'll work it out.

Please RSVP with me if you want to take the class and I will give you the location info.