Full of Squee

Apparently, this is how you do it. By Zach Reddy. So last week kicked some ass on a personal level.

First off... my brother-in-law saw a post where I said that I'd have no idea how to illustrate a Pajamazon in order to make a logo. Well, he heard that as the clang of a gauntlet.

The other kick ass thing? Well, that requires a bit of back story...

So Friday nights are Game Night in my little tribe. We get together, have dinner, and play some games. Many are the times we play Sentinels of the Multiverse. Sentinels is a deck-based cooperative game where the players are comic-style heroes fighting evil. Each character has his or her own deck with specialized powers and equipment. Together, your team uses these powers to help one another and kick the ass of a villain in a hostile environment. (Both villain and environments have their own decks that run themselves.) Each hero card has a quote of "flavor text" on it that comes from a "comic book" featuring that character. (Those comics don't, at present, exist, but it's amazing and the flavor text is really fun.)

It's a really fun game with immense replay value.

Many are the nights we play this game and speculate what it would be like to make a deck for {insert popular character here}. For example, I'd love to make a PowerPuff Girls deck, a Townsville Environment and a multi-villain deck that includes Mojo Jojo and HIM.  Because we're total geeks, we've spent many Friday nights statting out such ideas.

So last night was Friday and we got together as is usual. And we sat down for Sentinels (again, totally normal). When we sat down, though, my buddy Jeff had this idea. We were going to pick characters in a new way. The person to your right would choose what character you were going to play. Okay, that's pretty cool. Most of us have played several characters, but admittedly have favorites, so it would be nice to stretch out a bit to try someone new. So we pass the box around the table and (making sure no one can see), everyone selected a character. At the same time we all slapped down a deck in front of the person next to us.

Sean had Haka, the Polynesian Power House. Kevin had Setback, the sidekick with a bad luck streak. Jeff had the ChronoRanger, a time traveling hero. Brian had Wraith, a brooding woman with a lot of tech at her fingertips. And I had... a deck still in shrinkwrap?

Huh? And in a white box? What the hell? So I go to open it and everyone's staring at me. I'm not entirely sure why, but they're grinning like idiots. That's when I see "Nerdmaste" written on one of the cards. And the name of the character...

Cat Sharp.

Cat's deck and character card based on the new Wild Card cover.

My friend Jeff had made a deck for Sentinels based on my heroine Catherine Sharp.

Holy. Shit.

We dove into the game and I played the deck blind (meaning that I didn't immediately sift through the cards to see what each of them was, but let myself be further surprised with each draw.) Every time I pulled a new card from the deck, I let out a squee or giggle.

This doesn't appear in the books, but dude, does Jeff know me!

"Mack Truck" from Unveiled.


Cat's flipped character card for if she dies in combat.

Jeff did an amazing job. He used the cover art of the new Wild Card for Cat's main character card, and a zombified version of the old Wild Card cover for the flip side. (When your hero dies in game, the card flips and you as a player have a few things you can still do to help your team). The rest of the cards be built in Photoshop. He took my character and made a spectacular deck that is true to the writing, and even included a couple of special nods to me (the Technomantic Phoenix shown above) and to our friends (a tiny "Easter Egg" on one of the cards, I won't say which.) And to top it off, he used quotes from the books for the flavor text!

Not only was the deck really fun in terms of seeing my character made into a playable, Cat Sharp was effective in terms of game play. Found out that not only had Jeff built the deck, he playtested it with Brian, Kevin and other friends! (They'd been in on the surprise for months!) But they took time to play the deck and make sure that Cat could throw down as an effective character, and wasn't over-powered. She fits perfectly into the game and would be more than just a novelty item for me or a friend. For players of Sentinels of the Multiverse, she's a strong character choice.

How fucking cool is that!

If you are curious and want to see all of the cards in Cat's deck (WARNING: THERE ARE UNVEILED SPOILERS!) and even print off your own for free, you can go here and do just that.

This was an amazing surprise and may take the cake for Best Fan Art Evar! And also, now I'm thinking "what if Flynn/Marius/Karma had their own decks? And a Vegas environment. OOH! Or what about..."

Yeah, this is fun. Thank you so much, Jeff!