So, I've been lax in posting...again. Well, it's been a crazy couple of weeks and the next 7 days are only going to get more psychotic. This weekend is many things to many people. In my home town, folks are gearing up for the Greatest Spectacle in Racing (that's the Indy 500 for the rest of you). But, around these parts, it's time for Phoenix Comic Con. That's right, kids, your intrepid Wahine (that's me, for you newcomers) will be spending her weekend going to and fro and getting her geek on. Have I mentioned I dig comics? Fables, Green Lantern, Frank Miller's Batman work...Marvel...I'm especially partial to all things involving the Phoenix (LOVE Dark Phoenix and the Endsong book...Warsong, however, doesn't exist to me).

But before you think it's all fun, there are games, too! In fact, that is precisely what I will be doing at PHX CC.

As some of you may know, I work closely with the Guise Knights. GK is a gaming group here in Phoenix that travels to cons and such specifically to give you an enjoyable gaming experience. This weekend I will be running several hours worth of games for the Knights. (Hey, if you're going to be at PHX CC, I'll be running an overnight gaming bender Saturday night into Sunday morning. Come hang out!) While I'd love to make the circuit of the panels and signings (Takei, Nimoy, Stan Lee, Boxleitner, Adam Baldwin, John Scalzi, Max Brooks, Cherie Priest, Wil Wheaton... guh! So much awesome!!!), this con will be more work than ... well, wait, it's play. Anyway, I'm only going to 3 panels and all of them are writerly panels. I won't be going to the Brain Eating Contest or the Zombie Walk, but I will be at the Zombie Panel. Boomdeyada!

The Knights will be out in force running enough games to put down a rabid zombie dinosaur. Representatives will be running big guns like D&D and Doom while other knights take on board games like Fluxx, Dixit and Small World (just for starters). We've got all night gaming with stuff like Apples 2 Apples. Bored overnight? Come see us and we'll set you up. We're going to be there to have a great time, so swing on by and show some love! Also, our own Zoot has been working her ass off getting sponsors to give prize support for some of our bigger events. Sock Dreams, Geek Chic and Shannon Butcher are just a few of our sponsors! But you have to play if you want to win.


So, on top of trying to organize 4 straight days of Con for myself and the Mister, I've got to sort out the logistics of what the 5 year old will be doing during this time and how we're all going to handle this. My beloved Mom is taking the kiddo for some of the time, including an overnight, but there are still a few kinks to smooth out. As if Con weren't enough... this is K's last week of school and it's chock full of activities. Every day has something new going with it. Today, the graduating kindergarten kids were taken to McDonald's for ice cream. Tomorrow, the school is turning into a water park. Thursday is the day of the actual graduation ceremony (and that night we kick off con). She has school Friday while Sean and I head to the convention center.


Oh! And I've been walking Kiara to and from school. I did more than 20 miles last week!

So yeah, it's been a little chaotic around the house. June will slow down, right?

Because I don't have much other than "i'm going crazy busy busy busy aaaaaaah! *head explodes*" to say, I will give you a dose of geekish awesomeness.

Adam Savage + Faraday Cage + Tesla Coils + Dr. Who Theme = Epic.