Going Buggy

Something I adore about my 5 year old daughter is that insects and reptiles fail at repulsing her. She actually likes creepy crawlies. She actually looks at bugs with a scientific eye and that's pretty damn cool. So you can imagine how excited we were yesterday to find a caterpillar in our backyard. First off. We live in the desert. Our back yard is usually more spiders, ants and beetles. So, variety is awesome. Well, a sleeping bag got left outside a bit ago and then dust storms hit, so this thing got ickified. Sean, my husband, was picking it up to inspect the damage and he saw what he thought was just leaf debris. When he tried to flick it off, it tore and a small caterpillar fell out. He'd found a chrysalis!

A while later, K wanted to check on Grubby. She hadn't moved, but was still weakly moving when we came around. When I put her to bed, I promised K that we would check on Grubby today after breakfast. Honestly, I expected to go out there and find a dead caterpillar. When we got outside, the leaves and stick were in their places, but no Grubby. Until I picked up one of the leaves. Grubby had used the natural curl of the leaf and some of her own silk to pull the leaf around her. There is silk on both ends of the leaf and it looks like Grubby is building a new home!I picked up the caterpillar and showed it to K. She immediately named it "Grubby". I took it out to one of the citrus trees and put it on a leaf, but the caterpillar soon fell to the ground. We decided to leave it alone. Maybe it could eat and make a new chrysalis and continue its metamorphosis. A bit later, though, something told me to go look. It looked bleak for Grubby, so I moved her to the shade of our patio with a few leaves and a stick. I hoped she could be safe there from any predators, the sun and maybe get healthy.

This excites me. Yes, clothes moths can be a bitch and a half (if that's what Grubby is), but this is SCIENCE! This is life. This is something awesome K and I can watch together.

Good times.

And now, it is time to get ready to celebrate the birth of a friend. Seven years ago this week, I went to his birthday party and met many dear friends, including my husband.

Yeah. Life is good.