Good Omen?

Okay, so this just totally happened. I was in line at Dutch Bros (9 stamp day!!!) and my phone kept chirping that there are amazing fucking people in this world who are backing the UNINVITED Kickstarter. I checked and we're OVER $7000!!!!! Holy shit!

colbert high five

So then, I've got my chai....I'm in the car on the way home from Dutch Bros, I'm trying to psych myself up for this last push. (Because seriously guys there's nothing in my tank. I'm empty.)



So I start trying to give myself a pep talk and rifling through the couch cushions of my mind looking for spare spoons and fucks to give. I'm trying everything. (I tried the Bill Pullman Independence Day type speech on myself 2 weeks ago. It's lost its power.) And I actually hear my inner voice saying, "Get hype."

That's when I realize I'm giving myself the high school football coach/drumline when we're exhausted "just pull out one more run" type of thing. You know where people start punching themselves in the chest.


Yeah, that. I'm doing that kind of thing to myself. "Come on, Jamie. Dig deep. You can do this. Less than $1500 to go and you're so close. 29 hours, less than $1500...You can do this. You can..."

...and then I realized what song was on the radio. My shuffle had pulled up one of the key songs I associate with Cat and Marius. Particularly the next couple of stories.

*looks skyward*

I hear you.

We can do this.