Happy New Year

hellokaylee WOOT! We made it into 2014!

I spent the evening around campfires sipping various libations and laughing myself hoarse. At midnight, I rang in the new year as I have every January 1 for the past 9...kissing my beloved. Today we celebrate 9 years as a couple. *beams* We crashed out on the floor of our friends' place somewhen well after midnight... sometime between hot-tub thirty and the wisecrack o' dawn.

Breakfast this morning was a peppermint brownie. Some hours later, lunch was leftover Chex Mix (I made it myself!) and a piece of cheese cake. Yeah. I'd rather not eat for the rest of the year. Anyway, after snuggling with dogs, and a NERF pistol duel we ferried to yet another friend's house and played a game of Sentinels of the Multiverse. (That game. It rocks.) And now, I'm home with my cats. And heartburn. *sigh*

It's a lazy, people-and-laughter filled way to start the year. Honestly, it's how I begin every year, and so far the tradition has done well for me. There's no way I'd rather greet a clean slate than with my Ohana. Big damn heroes, all of them.

Oh, and for those of you who are wondering...the Bear emerged from his cave this morning, shambled about for whiskey and did proclaim, "penis". After that, though, he made his annual announcement:

What shall the coming year be? Not the Year of the Reciprocating Llama, as they're celebrating on Discworld. Not the Year of Penis...we already know not to be dicks. No, genties and ladlemen, this coming year is one in which we are each likely to need a hand. No one of us stands alone, and should you try...well, best of luck, but I don't care for your chances.

So let 2014, this dawning New Year, be the Year of Standing Together. Join forces. Look for ways to support one another. Shore each other up. When the winds howl and the barbarians are at the gate, stand shoulder to shoulder with one another, stand fast. In those moments on the threshold of despair which we all face from time to time...join hands, lift your voices together, and rage, RAGE against the dying of the light.

Stand Together, my best beloved. With respect to a certain browncoated captain, it is *love* that makes us mighty. Especially when love is a verb. Stand Together.

Fuck yeah, Bear. Love keeps a ship flyin'. And I plan to soar.


2014...let's rock this.