Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

Yes We Cat 2Greetings, programs! As of this writing the Kickstarter to fund UNINVITED has raised just under $3300 of the $8500 we need. With just 9 days left, it's time to dig deep. I've got a huge list of announcements for you. So let's get started!

First of all, there's a new reward tier! Back UNINVITED at the $100 level and you'll receive a DRM-free digital copy AND an autographed print edition of the book, the limited edition Marius poker chip, all four button designs, AND a customized deck of playing cards with your choice of Cat Sharp book cover. And, like all reward tiers, you'll have my eternal thanks and your name in the acknowledgments.



Next....as some of you know, we're going to have a benefit concert on Friday, September 25. Phoenix-based geek folk trio Open Beta have graciously agreed to put on a show at Gotham City Comics in Mesa, AZ. (If you're not aware of this, now you are and you have plans. I will see you there, right?) If you can't teleport to Mesa, never fear! We will have 2 Periscope feeds running so you can watch the whole night of music, merriment and fun. (Links will go live on my Twitter, Facebook and this website on Friday. So watch this space and #Satyrthon for information!) If you'll be at home, you can chat live on Facebook or Twitter or Periscope. Have questions about the books? Want to know something about the Kickstarter? Did you really dig the song the band just played? We want to hear you! So be sure to hang out in the Periscope chat (mobile app users only) or use the #Satyrthon hashtag to be part of the action.

SATE 2One of the things we're doing Friday night will be a silent auction and a raffle. At this time only those people who are present at Gotham City Comics are eligible to win prizes or bid on items. (So, that means you need to make friends with someone in Phoenix and send them to the gig as your proxy. That's totally legit!)

Silent Auction rules: You must write down your bid on the item. Keep checking because someone else might outbid you. The auction will run from 8pm until 9:30pm at which point the winners will be determined and notified. YOU MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN. Payment is due at 9:30pm in cash or via card.

Any items that do not receive any bids will go into the Chaos Raffle (see below).

Raffle Rules: A separate list of items will be available to win via raffle. Each item will have a cup associated with it. Buy a ticket ($1/ticket) and drop it in the cup. It's that simple. You can totally stuff the cup to up your chances of winning! As with the auction YOU MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN. We'll hold the raffle after 9:30pm.

The Chaos Raffle: One of the cups available is the Chaos Cup. Any items that do not receive bids in the silent auction will be available to those brave souls who take a risk on the Chaos Cup. We'll draw winners for as many items as fit this criteria. That could be 0. That could be 6. Drop your raffle tickets into the Chaos Cup for a chance to get some truly amazing, one of a kind swag. If multiple items are eligible, you do not get to choose your prize. Hence, Chaos. (Welcome to Cat Sharp's world.) YOU MUST BE PRESENT TO WIN. We'll hold this raffle last.


I'll be posting information on the Silent Auction and Raffle items throughout the week so watch this space. We have original artwork, jewelry, t-shirts and more. It's going to be amazing.

And finally, it brings me great pleasure to announce that we have a very special guest emcee for #Satyrthon. If you were at Phoenix Comic Con you probably saw this very dapper gent making his way among the masses. He's cool. He's suave. He likes to fondue. He's IRON MAN.

Costume by Lejon Johnson

So it's going to be a great night. Please spread the word, join in the event and follow us on Twitter! *wipes brow* Whew! That was a lot!

If you haven't backed the Kickstarter already, please hit up that link and give what you can. I need to give you this book. It's so freaking good. It's by far my favorite of the Cat arc so far.


UPDATE: One more thing! I'm hanging out with Trillian Anderson today. Interview where we talk about books, tropes and Kickstarter. Check it out!