Here We Go Again

It's that day again. Last year I told you all why I'm of the mind that Valentine's Day is to be avoided like a hungry honey badger. This year, though, I'd like to do something other than spread the vitriol. First of all, I may have found a reason to like it. Thanks to the QI elves, I've learned that St. Valentine was also the patron saint of bee keeping. Fantastic! Valentine's Day doesn't have to be about commercialism and exclusion. It can be about Bee People! So here are some valentines for you to take with you, my dear readers. Examples of non-commercial love, Ohana, friendship and just my way of telling you that you rock my stripey socks. Happy Bee Day! :)

for family
for kindred souls
For troops and kids. (BTW: My friend's daughter.)
for truth
For absent friends.
For geeks
for zombies
for browncoats