So, as you may have read on my Twitter feed, I'm going home to Indiana. This week has been an emotional roller coaster, to be honest. Monday, Grandma was saying she was leaving the world soon...that night I got a call from some of the most amazing people in existence offering me extra cash and babysitting so I could get in a car on Tuesday morning and drive to Indiana. Wow. I called my mother than night to ask her if she wanted to do a roadtrip. Tuesday we spent planning, plotting, scheming... it was set. Then Grandma said she wasn't quite there yet. Then, plans fell through. I got mopey and realized just how badly I wanted to go home.Cue more awesomeness.

I got a few emails from friends asking, "How do we make this happen?" Then, Wednesday, I got a call from my cousin saying, "If you need to be here there's no reason you shouldn't be. A little thing like money should never get in the way." And he bought my airfare.

I am in awe of the people around me for pulling this together so quickly. My husband is a freaking ROCK. Seriously, when Ohana started offering to pass the hat around and get me to Indiana, and Grandma said she was doing okay...I started second guessing. Thinking, "Well, it's not dire, so I shouldn't take these peoples' resources and go."  Sean looked me in the eye and said, "So you'd rather wait and scramble when it IS dire? No. Go see her now. If she's fine, then you get better memories."

I fucking love him. He's been amazing this week (and every week)...I'm just floored by his support sometimes.

Now, I'm getting excited. I called to tell Grandma I'd be there this weekend (THIS WEEKEND!) and she practically squealed over the phone. The sheer delight in her voice told me I'm doing the right thing.

As an added bonus, Thursday is my Grandpa Wyman's birthday. He hasn't seen me since 2007 and is always asking when I'm coming home. I had planned on surprising him, but like most of my plans they never work out as intended. But, that's okay. I still get to see him and hand-deliver a birthday card! And, I've made some of my friends back home squee. Apparently I'm going out Tuesday night.

Yeah, I'm making plans, lists of what to pack and stuff. Tomorrow I pack and then get to bed because I've got to be at Sky Harbor at oh-God-thirty in the morning. (I just love the name "Sky Harbor Airport"... makes me think of steampunk books and airships.) OH! Another bonus to this trip... My flights go through O'Hare. I've missed Chicago so damn much over the past 7 years. And I happen to be going on the 7th anniversary of my Blue Man Audition at Briar Street Theatre. So, even though I'll probably be running across O'Hare, I will be in Chicago. *happy smile*

I get to listen to Bob and Tom in the mornings again. And have Sycamore ice cream up in Logansport. I get to see family and friends. I get to show Grandma my wedding rings (her engagement ring and my grandfather's wedding band), hug her and tell her I love her. I get to hand-deliver pictures that Kiara drew for my dad.

Yeah. I'm excited.