In Space, No One Can Hear You Squee

Well, at least not today. I'm sick. Last week, my beloved hubbins had some form of ick that sounded like he was trying to expectorate a wallaby. He finally went to the doctor yesterday and is slowly on the mend. However, because Arizona is a community property state, I have lawfully acquired 50% of his sicky bugs. Now, I'm achy, coughy, stuffy and exhausted. (These are the dwarves you don't hear about much because they're not as much fun as Grumpy and Bashful. Although, with the right combinations of Day/NyQuil and such, one can achieve Dopey.) So, crazy as it may sound, K is fine. So she's back to school after her Fall Break. Me, I'm home alone. Drained and ickified, I have come to the conclusion that any housework that gets done today will be a pleasant surprise. I will, therefore, be spending my day in a fleecy robe and watching the man candy that is the Star Trek reboot.

I freaking love this movie....and not just because Chris Pine and Zach Quinto are yummy. (Bruce Greenwood, Captain Pike, is pretty sexy, too.) This movie is everything I want to create some day. It's got an amazing story, the dialogue is stellar... it's well-crafted. The effects are awesome but not gratuitous, the music. Oh my God, the score is fantastic. (Giacchino, I heart you.) Seriously, I watch this movie a lot when I'm just starting a new project. I do it to remind me of what my ultimate goal is. To remember THIS is what you're going for. It's funny without being slapstick. It's emotional without being weepy. It connects and entertains. It is the whole package.

That movie is what I aspire to be one day.

Little steps.