It's Time!

anigif_enhanced-buzz-27103-1428617609-20The time has come, my doves. I've been waiting a long time to show you the next story in Cat Sharp's mythos. The rough draft has been done and eagerly awaiting its turn in the sun since before UNVEILED came out last year. And now, it is time for UNINVITED, Cat Sharp Book 3, to have a chance at life.

The Kickstarter to fund this project is officially LIVE! 

colbert high five

For the next month I will be banging the drum, spreading the word and otherwise pimping the hell out of this project. I have been wanting to tell you this story for years. YEARS! I'm so freaking proud of this book, this world, these characters, and this THIS is where I've been wanting to take you. I told you those other stories so I could get into this and beyond.

There are some changes from last time when we successfully crowdfunded a Cat Sharp novel. For example, last time you could get multiple copies as a backer reward. While that is not a widely available offer this time, we do have a Seller's Tier that will offer not only multiple copies, but a variety of swag for vendors to sell at their own events or stores. Also, last time we were only shooting for digital and print editions. This time, kiddies, we're adding audiobooks to the mix! And and AND there will be a new limited edition poker chip in honor of fan favorite Marius. There are lots of joys to be had and I can't wait to share them all with you.

The campaign runs through 12:01am (AZ time) October 1, 2015. Check out the Kickstarter here, and become a backer when you can. If you can't, please share the link far and wide in your own social network and spread your love of Cat Sharp. Also, if you haven't already, please consider leaving a review of WILD CARD or UNVEILED on Amazon, Barnes & Noble or Goodreads.

It's going to be a busy, hectic and taxing month with this Kickstarter. I've also just started a new writing project in a completely different genre. And, Patronuses (Patreon supporters) will be seeing the next installment in the Hallowed Grounds serial.

So things will be wild.

Thank you all for your support. I love you all and couldn't do this without you.


Let's do this!