LepreCon Panel Info

Hey, gang. This weekend I will be at LepreCon in Mesa, AZ. You can even stalk me  come see me at panels. Here's where I'll be and what I'll be rambling about.


  • Story vs Setting (3pm) Speculative fiction has a burden few other genres carry: creating a unique world (or universe even) and all the exposition that goes with that. How do you get through that kind of info-dump without reading like your story is interspersed among encyclopedia entries?  Our veterans share their secrets. Includes Marcy Rockwell, Roby Ward, T.L.Smith, and moderator JoAnna Senger.
  • Different Sorts of Magic (5pm) Magic works differently, depending on the universe. Comparing and contrasting the different magics to determine what makes them compelling, and why. With Sharon Skinner, Marsheila Rockwell, Rick Cook, and Jason Anthony Cazares.


  • Strange Love - Romance Across Genres (11am) How do strange adventures across time and space change the course of True Love? How do they not change anything at all? With Deena Remiel and Jacinda Buchman. ***This panel has been rescheduled to 7pm.***
  • Alternative Mythologies (2pm) Our panel explores troves of legends and lore that did NOT come from Europe or the Mediterranean. With Michelle M. Welch, Marcy Rockwell and T.L. Smith. (Apparently I'm the "designated adult" for this panel, so gods only know what will happen.)
  • Creating Strong Female Characters (5pm) Half of humanity is female - so how hard could this possibly be? Well, judging by the body of extant speculative fiction - really hard. It’s not really that difficult - is it? It’s gotta be something else, right? What? Panelists include T.L. Smith, Marcy Rockwell, Roby Ward and moderator PJ Hulstrand.


  • Stump the Editor (10am) Bring your most stubborn literary conundrum to our panel of editors, and they will give you an answer - or a prize. Other panelists include Michelle M. Welch, Ethan Moe and Ann N. Videan
  • Sexy Monsters vs Scary Monsters (11am) Which do you prefer: vampires wearing glitter to impress their teenage girlfriends or vampires covered in the splattered blood of slaughtered villagers? Can a monster be both? Why? With Sharon Skinner, Emily Davenport and JoAnna Senger.
  • Alternate Histories (12pm) How would our world be different if Rome never fell, or the South negotiated a draw, or if they built a full sized replica of the USS Enterprise in Las Vegas instead of the Fremont Street Experience?  Can you change one small detail and change the world? Or are the currents of history so deep as to be ultimately inevitable? With Rick Cook and Vinny Alascia.

Some of these panels are moderated, some aren't, so who knows what will happen. That's the fun. Let's have a conversation!

If you can't make it to LepreCon, I will also be at Phoenix ComicCon (next month, bitches! woot!) and CONvergence in July.