Little Things

So, today is the visitation for Mr. Hurt (see previous post). As I live 1800 miles away and have yet to invent teleportation, I will be absent. This morning I saw that some friends had joined a Facebook group in honor of this amazing teacher. I joined and read everything that has been posted, looked through a few photos...

...soon after I left for a walk with my daughter. Yes, it's 90 damn degrees out, but I needed the walk. So, Kiara (my daughter) asked to go to Petco. It's about a mile and a half away, nothing too bad. The whole walk there, I was thinking of Mr. Hurt, the Facebook group, his family and friends, people that knew him far better than I and how they must be feeling right now. I just felt like I should be DOING something. Felt like writing "my condolences to you and yours" wasn't enough, felt like the previous blog wasn't enough... as we walked into the store, I was asking the Universe for some guidance.

What am I missing? What should I be doing?

So, we walked in and the store's in house radio system changed...

"Time of your Life" by Green Day started playing.

Now, it might sound cheesy, but this song is significant to me. That song came out my senior year of high school, I think it may have been our class song. But I associate that song with that time and Ben Davis High School. Hearing it at that moment felt like a big smile from the Universe saying, "I hear you. Now that I have your attention, Listen to me and I will give you your answer."

The next song that came on?

"your love is lifting me higher than I've ever been lifted before"

That was the answer.

Keep on lifting. Keep on loving. That's all you need to do.

Sometimes it's little things like that that make me smile, that make me feel like everything is going to be okay.

Keep on lifting.