News and An Update on a Known Issue

tumblr_m8ytqsPpGs1rnudxpAs devoted readers of this blog will know, recently the rights to my debut novel WILD CARD--the first book in the Cat Sharp series--reverted to me. I have self-published WILD CARD with a spanking new cover. You guys wanted a print version of WILD CARD and guess what... IT'S HERE!! You can buy it directly from CreateSpace. Amazon will be carrying it within the next few days as well. So I'm very excited that this is finally a thing.

That being said, I've found a small bug in the new WILD CARD system that I wanted to address.

69519aa6ed600219575fb8b9f0dd1375It has to my attention that readers who purchased the digital edition of WILD CARD from Entangled Publishing can no longer access the file on the respective cloud.

Let me explain... let's say that Eric has an iPad and that last year he bought WILD CARD. He read it and loved it on his iPad. Now let's say that Eric, just yesterday, purchased a new iPhone and wanted to load WILD CARD onto this new device and enjoy it that way, too. PROBLEM: He can't.

When Entangled removed WILD CARD from points of sale, that file was also removed from the cloud. While the ebook remains on the digital device of choice, if you lose that device or file, it cannot be re-downloaded. You would have to buy the new edition.


At this stage of the game, I know this to be true for iTunes and Kindle users. I don't have a Nook or Kobo access, but I'm going to say that this problem persists across all digital platforms. It's not my fault, nor is it the fault of Entangled Publishing. As far as I'm aware, this is a flaw in the nature of digital content.

So, what am I able to do about it? Nothing. I'm very sorry to those who encounter this glitch, but there isn't anything I can do to change it.

HOWEVER, what I can do is this:

There's a groovy thing on Amazon/Kindle where if you, my dear reader, purchase the paperback version of a book, I can set a "match" price for you to get the ebook at a discounted rate. From now until June 1, I will make WILD CARD's match price "free". So if you buy the paperback edition, you can download the ebook at no extra cost.

After June 1, the match price will go up to $0.99 just like the sequel UNVEILED.

Again, I'm sorry if you run up against this bug in the system. Please consider picking up the paperback copy of WILD CARD and grabbing the free digital copy while you can. Thanks for hanging with me on this, gang. You are all stardust.