No Words

As some of you internet people know, my sister (in law and in soul), friend and partner in crime, Monique "Nicki" Reddy passed away on Sunday. This is a shock and very hard time for the family and tribe. I will properly eulogize her when I have time to write that without a million other things, but for now, I need to post some logisitcal information. As per her wishes, Nicki will be cremated. Memorial Services for her will be Saturday Nov. 5 at 1pm. Mercer Mortuary (16th St. & Thomas) - 1541 E Thomas Rd. PHX 85014. 

There will be a separate Ohana Wake that is still being scheduled. This will likely be next weekend. We were discussing it today... the family will have some flowers. If you want to send flowers to the home, please do. We will have a vase of peacock feathers there as our tribute to her. If you would like to bring a single flower or feather or something to put in a vase, we will have those there for you.