On Mountains and NaNo

So why am I doing NaNo? Eh, mostly it's just a way to keep myself in check. I'm already going to be doing the writing, right? I'm already working on a project, why not throw in this one little thing and feel even more accomplished. Do I expect my novel to be done by December 1. Not no but hell no. The last one took two months to churn out a rough draft and then a few more months of editing, revising, beta testing, etc. But I'm hoping that with the NaNo bug sitting there asking me my wordcount I'll be able to push through the lag I've been facing. It's odd to go from polishing/editing/revising... from a finished project that I could see as a whole...back into rough drafting. I can see the grand arc, the one that spans the trilogy. I can see other stories splintering off from other characters. And I can see a big chunk of the main plot for Book 2. It's there and down in the outline. I've got a few new characters. I've got the antagonist. I've got the continuing arc from book one. I've got some new plot twists. Book 3 is actually more fleshed out in my head. But I don't want to do that one right now. I want to hit Book 2. I want to get past this odd block... it's not even so much a block as a lag. Book 2 is a dark attic and I'm looking around with a flashlight that's running low on juice. It's frustrating, really. Book 1 gave me hints a few chapters before I got to something. Book 1 had days when I wrote 5k words or more! So far, though, with Book 2, I haven't hit my stride.

And everyone says "well, go write Book 3... it sounds like you want to work on it or like it's more complete in your mind... sounds like you should write that one next. No one says you have to go in chronological order."

1) I started Book 3. And locked up. The opening line that came out wasn't right. When it starts off-kilter, it's just not going to work. So I put it down and I'm letting it simmer. Ah, but you ask... why don't I let book 2 simmer? That leads us to...

2) I'm stubborn. Oh, am I a stubborn Aries. Sure, no one SAYS I have to write Book 2 next, but I say I need to. Plus, it feels like I'm [this] close to revelation. I'm so close to understanding... to finding the light switch in this damned attic. I'm tenacious and I'm going to keep looking. It's a challenge.

But then, that's what it usually boils down to. The challenge.

And that is why I'm doing NaNo. It's a challenge. I'm stubborn.

Because it is there.