WE DID IT!!! The UNINVITED Kickstarter has not only funded, we passed our stretch goal of $9100 for a launch party! 180+ of you helped via Kickstarter and #Satyrthon. I LOVE YOU! Your pledges basically tell the world that you are saying this: tumblr_m44oz81zrL1qdj6jko3_r14_500

And that makes me mighty.

We did a fucking awesome thing and the Kickstarter, frankly, is just the beginning. Now, I can put Danielle, Emma, Zach, Mandy and Nathalia to work on editing, making cover art and kick ass swag. I've already started compiling data from the Kickstarter (yeah, I can't take a day off), and Danielle and I are working on our editorial schedule. UNINVITED is going to be really real and I'm so freaking ecstatic!