As many of my fellow slush-pile warriors can tell you, it can be easy to lose sight of things. Rejections seem to pile up like snow at a Buffalo Super Bowl even though you're still in single digits. We're writers. We make seeds into lush gardens, of course we're going to make mountains out of the occasional molehill. Sometimes, though, it can be helpful to step back and remind yourself just what kind of odds you're playing when you jump into the query game.

JABerwocky Literary Agency has always been on my list of "dream" agencies. I've queried them on past projects and didn't get further than a requested partial. Today, the JLA's twitter feed posted an interesting set of numbers.
"Year end stats (kinda) for Eddie [Schneider] since e-queries began 7/23/11: 1865 queries, 76 partial reqs, 3 full reqs, 1 new client."
This is a bit of perspective for all of us slugging it out with ourselves in the slushpile. It's hard for all of us. And everyone had to start somewhere.

Keep writing. Keep working. Keep trying.