Phoenix Comic Con - Pajamazon Style

phxcc14Alright, kids. Tomorrow is the day I've been waiting for for the past year! PHOENIX COMIC CON 2014! It begins tomorrow and I'm so fucking excited I can barely see straight. While I'm only on one panel, I will be around all weekend. Here is my loose schedule of where you can find me.

Thursday At my table as much as possible. Whenever I can get to said table, I will be there. I will also be frolicking about to say hi to Mike Underwood and the Angry Robot crew, Colleen Lindsay, and also to trying to get a few autographs from James O'Barr and Chris Claremont. At 7pm, there is the Books and Authors kickoff event. I will be there because dude.

After that, no clue. Might be out to dinner. Might be in a hotel room with friends. Might be over in gaming at the Hyatt. No clue!

Friday The only panels I *know* I will be at are the Taco Council panel, and the Debut Author Panel (which I'm on). However, I also want to go to the What I Learned panel, the Charlaine Harris Spotlight, and the "Comedy Is Hard" panel. Want.

If I'm not at one of these panels, I will be at my table (#2432) selling ebooks, poker chips and #Backup Ribbons.

Friday night at 8pm there is a Paul and Storm concert. I might be there. I might be at gaming. I might be hanging with friends. You just don't know. Check my Twitter feed for an update on that.

Saturday Again, there are many panels I *want* to go to, but I also want to be at my table to see you guys, so... the events I *KNOW* I will be at: Author Batsu Drinks with Authors 

992856_588564477849817_946136430_nI want to go to Jim Butcher's spotlight (but if I see him at the Comedy panel Friday I might skip it). Basically, I need to sit in on ONE Jim Butcher panel. Also, the Spec Fic Editing panel intrigues me.

Saturday night I will be at the Drinks with Authors event, and may hit up the Gaming area that night as well. Sleep is for the weak.

Sunday Mostly spent at my table with an IV of Chai. Again, I might flit about visiting people, but I want time with you guys.

So that's my loose itinerary for Phoenix Comic Con. I hope to see you there!