Phoenix Comic Con - Pre-Game

phxcc14Hey, kids! So next week is the really big show. My home away from chai, PHOENIX COMIC CON! I'm so fucking excited for this year. I've gone for years as an attendee, but this year I'm there in a professional capacity. And I get to meet people that I've talked to online for years. Some since 2008! I'm so jazzed I think Louis Armstrong and Buddy Rich might explode out of my hair follicles. Not only do I get to hang out with my friends and Twitter peeps, I get to see YOU! (Assuming you're there. If you're not then you will need a floating iPad with Facetime or something.)

I'm only on one panel this year:

The Secret Lives of Debut Authors - Friday, 4:30pm - 5:30pm (North, 127c) Join some  new authors as they talk about what it's really like to be a debut author and the release of the first book. With: Beth Cato, Amy K. Nichols, Austin Aslan, myself and fellow Entangled author Shonna Slayton.

I will also have a table in Author's Alley in the Exhibitor Hall! Come see me at booth #2432. I will have poker chips (Eris AND Loki editions) and Backup Ribbons for sale as well as free WILD CARD bookmarks and a way that you can buy the ebook. (You'll need a smartphone that can scan QR codes.) This is also where you can deliver chai (iced soy chai latte, 2 pumps of hazelnut, a pump of mocha, please). Or we can just hang out. :) I'll be sharing my table with local author Zachary Jernigan.

by emacartoon

Because I've never met Mr. Jernigan, I cannot speak for him. However, while I am at my table THIS BOOTH IS A SAFE PLACE. If you are feeling harassed, unsafe or otherwise in need some form of assistance, my booth is a place you can go.

Also, Emma Lysyk's booth is up the aisle (a few rows) and one block over from mine at #1838. Her booth is also a Safe Place. (And she has amazing things that she's made. Go see her anyway.)

Other booths you should know about: (NOTE: I am not telling you about them because they are "Safe Places", but because they're wicked awesome people and you should say hi to them.) In no particular order these wicked awesome people are....

Steam Crow - (Fine steampunk art and accessories) #779 Kids Need To Read - #459 Paul & Storm - #2512 (not too far from me) James O'Barr (creator of The Crow) - #2328 (I'm so getting my copy signed) Stephen Blackmoore & Chuck Wendig - #2412 John Scalzi - #2411 Delilah S. Dawson & Leanna Renee Heiber - #2417 Sam Sykes #2515 Kevin Hearne & Jaye Wells  - #2413 Marcy Rockwell & Jordan Summers - (right across the aisle from me) #2428 Angry Robot Books, Mike R. Underwood and Lee Harris - #2410 and #2412 Sharon Skinner (at the Brick Cave booth) - #1601 & #1603

And tons more. Seriously...there will be more awesome than can possibly be contained in one square mile of Phoenix. It's going to be so much fun!

Also, go see my friends (and possibly my husband) in the game area of the Hyatt.

I'm still putting together the list of panels I'm going to go see throughout the weekend. I know I need to see Jim Butcher and Charlaine Harris. I need to get my copy of the Dark Phoenix Saga signed by Chris Claremont. I'd like to see Nathan Fillion.

992856_588564477849817_946136430_nOH! That reminds me... Our mission--should you choose to help me complete it--is to get any or all of the following people to sport (with photographic evidence) a #Backup Ribbon and help spread awareness of keeping Cons safe:

John Barrowman Bruce Campbell Nathan Fillion Eliza Dushku Richard Dean Anderson (because MacGyver, that's why) Stan Lee Adam West (because Batman) Julie Newmar (because fucking Catwoman, that's why) Mark Sheppard John Rhys-Davies Cary Elwes Paul & Storm One or All of the AZ Avengers or AZ Justice Leauge

If you get one, tweet the picture to #PHXBackup. Hell, ANYONE wearing a Backup ribbon should selfie that and post the pic.

I'm so freaking stoked. This con is going to be AMAZEBALLS! Hope to see you there!